Chapter Three

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*Annabeth's POV*

If there's one thing I learned about Hazel and Piper, is that when we all get together, any secret that involves the guys is history.

(Yesterday in the bedroom...)

"Ok, what's up, why did you drag me in here?" I asked, to no one in particular.

"We needed your help, Annabeth, you probably already know that the 'team meeting' is your surprise engagement party," Piper said, with no trace of doubt in her tone.

"Besides, you go all around town all day, I'm surprised you're not asking us about it," Hazel added.

They were partially correct; I had figured out that the 'team meeting' wasn't true but I hadn't expected an engagement party so soon, I mean he proposed two days ago!

"Ok, I knew that the 'team meeting' is fake and I knew that at some point some one was gonna have a party but I wasn't expecting it today!" I replied.

Hazel and Piper exchanged looks like 'Oh well, too bad, she knows now'.

I also had to tell them something, I wasn't going to tell anyone until tomorrow...

"Guys, while you're here, I..." I started, then paused to take out something from my dresser.

We all stared down on the dresser top at four small, straight objects that read: Positive, Positive, Positive, Positive.

Hazel and Piper took a minute to gawk at me.

"You're pregnant?!" They said in unison.

I couldn't hold back the tears for too long. After all I've been through, I am definitely on the verge of breaking down and I am so grateful for friends like Piper and Hazel. They understand me so well and obviously can relate to all this crazy demigod stuff.

"I've never been so terrified in my life'" I managed through all the sobs- which the bedroom walls were soundproof so I knew Percy wouldn't hear. "I'm so scared!"

"Annabeth, shh, calm down, it's going to be okay," Piper said while she and Hazel hugged me.

"You and Percy are going to be great parents, but we will always be here for you," Hazel added.

"I know," I said, my face drenched with tears. "I know."

As I sat on the edge of the bed, I thought about my future with Percy, our wedding in a special temple and reception at a beach, then, we were decorating bedroom with letters forming a name I couldn't read. All of a sudden, I felt a great surge of warmth that I hadn't felt in what felt like forever.

I felt like everything was perfect, until I saw something that I wish I never had.

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