Chap 5: Dorms

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The three of you approached the dorms, before you could enter the building we were stopped by a sudden greeting.
"Well look at this, isn't this (Y/N)" You spin your head around and saw Ms. Grant sitting on the bench behind you.
"Hi Ms. Grant." You replied with a small smile.
"Didn't you graduate three years ago? What brings you here? I doubt that you came back to check on us" Ms. Grant pointed out, you couldn't help but look at the ground, but you could feel the confidence build back up, you turned your head back up and faced her.
"Well, I came back because I'm taking up a job here" You expected for her to applaud at your accomplishment, but she just scuffs out a simple laugh.
"You didn't even graduate yet and you're already working, I see a lot in you, (Y/N)". You clenched your fists together. Despite the others saying that Ms. Grant was a nice person, she wasn't nice to you, simply because you were good at all your subjects except for the subject she was teaching, she thought that the reason of that was because of your attitude towards her class, but you really just sucked at science.
"Ms. Grant, that was three years ago, I think you should let it go"
"What did I say that made you think that I was talking about your grades? I'm just generally, concerned" She said with a smile. "I didn't need your past grades to see your current situation coming" You clenched your fists together, again, tighter. You wanted to hit her in the face so badly that your knuckles hurt, but you returned a smile back to her.
"Well. I have to get going now, goodbye now Ms. Grant"
"Michael was better at science than you were, and he barely attended" Shut the fuck up.
The three of you walked towards the entrance of the building, Michael handed Max's luggage to her and used his now free hand to pat you on the shoulder
"Hey.. (Y/N), you alright?"
"Yes, I'm awesome" You said sarcastically, Michael chuckled softly before letting out another of his signature grins.
"Hey, if it makes you feel any better, I cheated all my exams, alright? I wasn't good at science, I was good at the science of cheating" That did not make you feel better, in fact, it made you feel worse. You hated whenever people took credit for something they didn't earn, and you were furious that Ms. Grant not noticing how Michael did all that, or maybe she did, and she acted this way just so she could piss you off. But despite all that, you were still able to go to the college of your dreams, and you didn't even need that perfect science score. Chuckling at your own accomplishment, the three of you arrived at the end of the hallway, room 23, Max's room. Max opened the door with the key that she found in her folder, entering the empty room, she quickly sat on top of her bed and lied down, nothing but a mattress covering the wooden bed frame. You couldn't wait to go your old dorm room and lie down on the cheap mattress. Michael put Max's suitcase on the couch, You and Michael stood by the door awkwardly as Max laid on her bed humming.
"Um.. Max?" Michael questioned, Max couldn't even open her eyes, she was that tired. You and Michael decided to not disturb her and left the room. Next to Max's room, room 24, was your room. (We know that in the original game there isn't a room next to Max's room, but we need one to magically appear for story plot sake, realism -1). You fished around your own brown folder and looked for the familiar silver key, when your fingertips grazed along the surface of the key you accidentally pushed it too hard, causing it to rip a hole on the bottom of the folder. Before you could react, the heavy contents of the folder made the hole bigger and everything just fell out. Papers flying everywhere, you stood there dumbfounded with Michael beside you laughing hysterically. He grasped his stomach, hoping this would help me gain back his oxygen, his eyes shut tight, mouth wide open, laughter sounded loudly through the hallway. You kicked him on the knee, he fell to the ground, and started laughing while rolling around, yay.
You then knelt down beside him and started picking up the pieces of paper, he kept laughing when he saw you pick up pieces of paper and them falling again, he paused and looked up, seeing you drop another piece of paper he shut his eyes tighter and cried of laughter.
"Holy SHIT (Y/N)! How fucking dumb can you be!" Michael yelled out, actually, chocked out. Right now you wished he would just choke to death, right fucking now. After you gathered all the papers and neatly organizing them into a pile, you opened your door and entered the familiar room. Michael eventually was able to stand up and lug your suitcase into the room, you looked around and took a deep breath, even though right now Michael is the one that should be taking a deep breath, since his face was red due to lack of oxygen. You sat down on the familiar bed and took another look again. The damn place didn't change, the placement of the furnitures didn't even change. Your room was the same size as Max, but you had a bigger bed, so it made the room look a bit smaller. Even though your bed was bigger, that didn't mean that you could have more space for you and your, uh, significant other. The only other person who slept on your bed with you was Michael. Sometimes you would have a bad day, a really bad day, you would call up Michael and he will spend the night with you in your room. Michael was a inconsiderate, he was insensitive, he was a dick generally, but when he wanted to be sweet, he would be sweeter than honey.
"the place didn't even change", Michael muttered, saying exactly what just ran through your mind, "without the awesome decorations you did of course" He smiled at you, his eyes flickered under the light to show his sincerity, and you smiled back. Realizing that you forgot to get sheets, you silently cursed.
'what's wrong?" Michael asked concerned, you laughed at yourself for being so stupid. "I forgot bed sheets" Michael then smiled at you again and ruffled your hair, causing your (H/C) hair to look slightly messy. You stood up and tiptoed, attempting to touch his hair, but his height got to the better of you. You sighed, annoyed at the height difference.
  "Why are you so fucking tall?"
  "Because I just am, besides you're not that short! You're pretty tall for a, uh, an average person!"
  You compared yourself and Michael, then looking at the mirror at the left, looking at the gap between the two of you. You weren't that short, but you weren't tall either, standing at around (Y/H), and slightly, itsy bitsy shorter. And you were wearing flats, if you wore some height gainers, you could've easily reached your ideal height. While on the other hand, Michael stood at 6'2, he didn't look tall, but once you stand in front of him, you couldn't even see his face if you didn't raise your head.
  "Look, I'll get to the house and bring you some sheets, in the meantime, relax, take a rest and wait for your knight in shining armor to bring your Little pony sheets to you, ok?" You punched him playfully on the arm, making him wince at the slight pain. "Thank you Mike Wazowski "He kissed you on the cheek before leaving the room and closing the door. You sighed and lied down.
  You were exhausted.

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