Chapter 1

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This is my second story, and tbh I'm still really shy and nervous about this. I suffer from asthma myself, so I just wanted to do this for fun. Hope you like it.


Em hated the white walls at first.

From the first time she was brought in, when she was three. It wasn't sure how she could remember something from such a long time ago, but she did.

The noise, the constant surveillance. Everybody would fuss over you, and make it even harder to breathe, and even when you felt okay, they wouldn't let you go.

You would be put in a white room, with white walls. Sure, when she was young she was sent to the pediatric ward, but the walls, the walls were always white.

The same old procedure always followed whenever she was checked into the hospital. She was born premature with serious asthma, so the slightest little things could trigger an attack. From the time Mummy brought her to snowboard, to the time Tony from next door brought flowers for her. Tulips, she remembered.

It was hard, always having to remember the nebulizer (she named it Jerry) treatment in the evenings, to bring her inhalers everywhere, to turn down any invitations to events where there was the teeniest chance of her dropping dead in the middle of nowhere.

She'd tried to have a screw it life and live her life like a normal teenager, snog hot boys and all, but her first party ended up the same, trapped in those white walls again just because Nicholas lit a cigarette.

She really was sick of ending up in the hospital. By now, she'd know who was her attending doctor just by the voice that lingered along the hallway to her room, and the nurse just by her nails. It was just boring.

At times, she would meet people too. The boy with chronic bronchitis next to her, and the old man with COPD. His lungs sounded like a rusty engine, and it was hell being beside him for the whole week.

So this time, she wasn't expecting anyone interesting to colour her walls. The walls would remain white.

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