Chapter One

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Brook’s POV:

I tossed and turned in my bed, muttering under my breath about the house being too damn hot.

I kicked the covers off and lay there staring up at the ceiling. I slept in a pair of shorts and a vest top and yet, I was still boiling.

I looked at the clock and groaned, just past three in the morning. I had come to bed at eleven and I had been trying to sleep for hours.

I sat up and pushed my brown curly hair out of my face. I slipped out of bed and tiptoed out the room. I didn’t want to wake anyone up.

I smiled as the cold floor touched my feet and I pushed the kitchen door open. I’d get a drink and then go back to bed, hopefully, after that; I’d be able to sleep.

Suddenly I ran into a hard, male chest and I squeaked as I jumped back and lost my balance.

Quicker than I could have moved, two hands grabbed me and pulled up close, stopping me from falling flat on my ass.

My hand rested over warm skin and I looked up and met eyes an icy pale blue.


 I knew it was Jack just by his eyes. No one else had eyes like him; they were like ice blue, so cold and yet, warm as he looked down at me now.

 Jack and his dad, Nate, had been part of the family for nearly ten years. When I was eight, Nate had married my mum, Maria, and Jack and I had become step siblings.

Now Jack’s eyes dropped to my lips and I couldn’t think about anything except what his lips would feel like against mine. It wasn’t the first time I’d ever thought about Jack kissing me.

He looked back up at me and realisation sank in. He clears his throat and drops his arms and I step back, looking at the floor as shame flooded through me. Why the hell did I just think about kissing him! He’s like my brother!

That is why it’s wrong. Why it’s sick and disgusting. That’s why I need to stay away from him. I snapped at myself silently.

He moved past me and I try not to shiver as his arm brushes against mine softly.

“Night, Brook,” he muttered now.

“Night, Jack,” I whisper, but he’s already gone.

Sighing, I closed my eyes for a second and then grab a glass and fill it with cold water.

I headed back up stairs, I had college tomorrow; I needed to sleep and forget about what just occurred.


Hey guys, so here it is, back up. I may get kicked out for this, but I want you all to know, this story has no immoral material in it. Brook is 18 years old and as such is classed as an adult. her choices are made as those of an adult and not those of a minor.

Under no content, does this book have any 'wrong' material in it and I would ask anyone who does wish to 'report' this work as containing such, to contact me first and explain to me why they wish to report this book.

Thank you.

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