CHAPTER 16: Pointers

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Nikki's POV

It's 1 in the morning and I still can't sleep. The fact that Dolph Ziggler is bothering me. I know inviting him is a stupid idea but what can I do? I was so angry at John during that time and come on I never wanted to go to my high school reunion alone. I decided to get out of bed, went down the living room and went straight ahead into the kitchen. Took a glass of cold water. 

"Why are you still up?"

"Jesus Christ Matt, you scared the shit out of me"

"Sorry" Matt said laughing.

"Can I ask you something? About John?"

"What do you want to know about that goof?"

"Well. He is the jealous type?"

"Hmmm. No, He's not the romantic type either."

Nikki smiled. "Not the romantic type eh? Did you know that he sends flowers almost everyday to me." Nikki laughed.

"Flowers? Did you know that he views that as the corny ones and he had an awful memory with flowers."

Nikki and Matt both laughed. "Why?"

"And one time there was this girl in high school who like was so obsessed with him. So Sean and i decided to get back to John by leaving a boquet of roses to this girl's lockerroom stating that it was from John. Ofcourse the girl freaked out when she saw the flowers and John was furios there was a live wrestling match at our backyard. And since then he never gave any girl a flower ever again."

"And you know what Nikki, John did not have much girlfriends, basically he had most of his time with Liz. And the funny thing is he introduced Liz to Mom after a year of their relationship. And you just took a month or so. You are really something to him." 

Nikki flashed a big smile. "I really don't know what to say... A week before this we had an ugly argument."

"Let me guess schedule?"

Nikki nodded. 

"Hmm. I can't blame you his schedule is ridiculous. That's basically the reason why the marriage did not work out."

"Well lookis like Liz is a nice girl for being able to keep up with that."

"She is but some things happened and changes everything. You know what Nikki, you should not worry about Liz at all. You see they spend almost 10 years together tied the knot but didn't work out. It's not base on how long your relationship is. The most important thing is that you see each other and you still fall inlove deeper each and everyday of your lives."

"Wow, Matt I think you could do better promos than John" Nikki and Matt laughed.

"Sorry about mentioning Liz by the way."

"It's okay." 

"Why are you too still up?" Carol said. 

"Some bonding moments with Matt." Nikki answered.

"Honey if you want to know more about John it's me you should ask not him." Nikki smiled while Matt scratched the back of his head.

"Well he gave me pointers." Nikki said.

"Trust me Nicole I can give me better ones."

"Mom, what do you know about John's romantic persona?" Matt asked.

"I'm not just talking about John, I'm talking about men in general."

"Ooh. A little girls talk." Nikki said.

"I'll stay I need to hear this." Matt said giggling.

Nicole, Carol and Matt continued catching up. Telling stories, cracking jokes. Nikki somehow forgot her dilemma with Dolph. A few hours passed the three decided to go to sleep. Nikki made her way to John's room. There he saw his love sleeping soundly. She laid right next to John, she was starring at him the whole time. 

"I am indeed lucky to have you." Nikki mumbled then kissed John's lips.

"I love you more than you ever know."


It's already 10 in the morning. Nikki had just waken up, overlooking the beautiful view on the terrace. The sun was shinning onto her. She found herself smiling trying to remember the talk she had with Matt and Carol. She looked for her phone on her purse, she turned her phone on.

"What the ..." Nikki was shocked to see almost 27 voicemails and 54 messages. She checked her voicemails first. She scrolls the list down, most of the voicemails came from Dolph, still scrolling down she saw Bries. After deleting all of Dolph's messages, she opened Brie's.

"Nikki! Where are you?"

"Nikki! Answer the god darn phone"

"What's wrong with Brie?" Nikki tried calling Brie back but Brie was not picking up. She tried openning her inbox ignoring Dolph's texts ofcourse.

"Nikki. Why is Dolph trying to call me and saying that you aked him out?" Upon reading Brie's text Nikki got more alarmed and got back on Dolph's messages.

"You do know that I will be travelling with John in the upcoming tours because we have a storyline right? You know what that means Nicole, John and I can be close friends and I will be able to tell him stories about you."

"Or I can just tell John about "The Fight."

"How did Dolph knew about that?" Nikki asked herself in confusion. Nikki was looking a little worried, she does not know what to do. She usually asks Brie's assistance with stuff like these but Brie is out of reach.

"She's awake!" Shelby, Matt's daugther screamed as she ran to Nikki giving her a hug.

"How are you my little Shelby?" 

"I'm good. Uncle John John asked me to check you if you're awake." Nikki smiled and kissed Shelby.

"You are the cutest!"

"Hey you're awake. Good morning" John said sitting on the side of the bed.

"Uncle John John told me you guys are leaving now." 

"Aww. John you can't just leave this sweetie right here. Can we just stay for another day?"

"Don't you have anything to do?" John asked Nikki.

Nikki literally just don't want to leave this place, she knows the consequences she'll be facing. She wanted to tell John what was going on but she can't handle another argument again.

"Uhmmm. It can wait." Nikki said.

"Okay, just for one day." John said.

"You heard that Shelby. We're staying for another more day." Nikki said while tickling Shelby.

Nikki's phone rang. 

"Excuse me, I'll just answer this." Nikki said.

"Okay, we'll be downstairs," John said while picking Shelby up and leaving the room.

"What do you want?" Nikki said.

"Nikki, that's not how you should greet a friend." Dolph said.

"You are not a friend."

"Really? After all what we've been through?"

"Can you just go straight to the point?"

"One dinner Nicole, Just one dinner and I'll stop."

Nikki gave in a heavy sigh. "In one condition."


"John will be there."

"Oh come on Nikki. I'm not gonna agree with that."

"Then you're not gonna have your dinner." Pissed off Nikki turned her phone off.

"I'm not gonna be bothered by that jerk."

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