Percy Jackson X Reader

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Hey Guys,

this is my very first Character x Reader and I really hope you guys enjoy it cos I've been wanting to write one for a really long time. Jordan is my country, so its really the best I can do for a setting right now, and as you may have noticed, these aren't one-shots.

I'm not gonna use Y/N or H/C or whatever cos I really feel like they ruin the story, instead IMMA CHOOSE YO NAME AND YO PERSONALITY... jk jk

Hope you guys don't mind srsly but here we go...

your name: Olive Rivers

Hair/ Features: Whatever the length you like, the color is gonna be a golden-brown that reflects the sunlight. You'll also have leaf-green eyes. (don't mind the gif, it has nothing to do with the story I just really like mikasa)

Personality: Your personality obviously  



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