A Story of Gloria

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I will not be continuing Fleur's accent. First off I'm really bad at it, and second I don't want to offend anyone. Please just imagine her accent. However I'll try to at least include a little of her accent in her dialogue, but it will not be much.

Dominique's screeches were what awoke the house the next morning. The first prank had been pulled. After a discussion the night before, the participants of the prank war agreed to wait until morning to begin the pranks. The boys had put their first prank into action immediately, and their first victim was none other than the rebellious daughter of Bill Weasley. It was Louis who came up with the prank, yet he had gotten it from a muggle movie his sister owned. "Nique? Are you alrig- Merlin! What have they done," Victoire shrieked upon finding her sister. Dominique's hair had been put into sections that were individually tied to her bed's metal headboard. Even worse, they had pulled it back to where, no matter how she shifted her hair would be pulled back painfully tight. Finally, the rest of the girls rushed in. "Goodness! Does anyone know what room Grandmum Weasley is in? She may know a way to unknot her hair without damaging it. I don't know any good hair charms that would help her," Rebecca asked from beside Lyrica and Alice. "Um yeah, I do," Lily answered. "Fantastic! Lily why don't you and Wynter go and get her. The rest of us will try to calm down Nique," Alice said, making her way to the bed. "Sir yes Sir," Wynter saluted before she walked out the door. As soon as they left the girls immediately got to work. "I've already set up phase one, but I'm missing the potions we need. Roxie if you can get them to me soon, that would be brilliant," Rose announced to the rest of her team. "I've already cast the charms for phase two, and their timers are set," Teddy informed the girls as he entered the room with Fleur. "Good going Ted, and I'll go get those potions now," Roxanne said as she left. "Do you want us to start on your hair?" "Yes, please do Vickie," Dominique whimpered. Lyrica and Victoire got to work quickly, yet it was not necessary. Lily and Wynter were successful in their mission, and had brought Mrs. Weasley as asked. "Thank you Lily, Wynter. Why don't the two of you go tell Roxanne about what happened. Oh, and ask her about Plan Turtle," Rebecca commanded subtly, not wanting to inform Mrs. Weasley about the prank war. "Molly, I will help 'ou with her hair," Fleur announced, sitting beside her daughter from the future. "If you insist upon it, yet it really isn't necessary. I'll have her out of there quic-" Mrs. Weasley never had the chance to finish her statement, for Fleur had already freed Dominique (hair undamaged). "How did you do that," Lyrica asked her younger adoptive aunt. "Oh, at Beauxbatons ze girls can be quite vicious zo their classmates. Zey always target ze veela. It is why I learned ze charm," Fleur explained, flushing at her brief hint of past harassment from her classmates.

After a few more moments of silence, Mrs. Weasley left the girls and Teddy to their business. "Is it alright if I ask a question?" "Of course Aunt Fleur," Lyrica answered after a glance at Teddy. "Why is it that Rebecca hates zat name Patrick called her," The French woman asked, concern shining in her eyes. "It's not a happy story. I had a friend pass away last year, and we had known each other most of our lives. Her name was Gloria, and she was a light amidst the darkness. It's cheesy I know, yet it is true. She was the only person that could call me that name. For as long as I had know Gloria, she had an illness that St. Mungos could only delay. It was untreatable. She experienced no change for a while, but last year it became worse than ever. Gloria was taken by death in March. It is still hard to manage sometimes, and the name just reminds me of her," Rebecca explained, tears gliding down her face. "I wish 'ou would not cry! I did not mean to make 'ou sad. Merci, for telling me your story. I am honored," Fleur whispered to the girl, as she gathered her in her arms. "It's alrigh' Auntie Fleur, you would have found out anyway. Besides, she was happy when she left us," Rebbeca hiccoughed. "Zat is good! If Gloria was happy zhen 'ou should be happy zoo! Zat is what she would want," Fleur exclaimed, grasping Rebecca's hand before exiting the room. Rebecca smiled at at the woman's retreating figure, at least she knew now that Fleur had always been supportive of others. "C'mon we should start planning our next move," Alice sighed, placing a supportive hand on Rebecca's shoulder. Lyrica smiled grimly, her friend was broken. Even worse, she did not think that anyone will be able to pick up all the pieces, for Gloria had left a hole in Rebecca that could never be completely repaired.

A/N- I'm so sorry it took so long to update, but I had deleted half of this chapter by mistake. I hope that you like it, and I will try to update again soon. The next chapter will focus more on the prank war that has started between the girls (and Teddy) and the boys. There are only a few more chapters to this story, but if you want I will add on a one shot that involves the last chapter (I have ore planned what's going to happen).

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