(Edited) Chapter 16 Part I

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Chapter Sixteen


"I looked so gorgeous in that dress. I'm telling you, you wouldn't have been able to take your eyes off me. It really sucks that you're not here. I miss you so much," Hailey says.

A soft smile appears on my face when she says she misses me. "I miss you too," I say. But as soon as the words leave my mouth, Scarlett's face appears in mind. It vanishes in the blink of an eye. Guilt descends upon me almost immediately.

All I can think of is how Hailey would feel once she finds out I've kissed Scarlett—not once, but twice. She doesn't deserve this, her boyfriend kissing another girl behind her back. I want to tell her what has happened. But I don't know how to tell her something like this without really hurting her feelings.

"Aiden—hello? Aiden are you there?" Hailey's slightly panicked breaks my chain of thoughts.

"Yeah, I am. Sorry I just..."

"Are you okay babe?" she asks me, sounding worried. She really cares for me, she really does. And what am I doing? Kissing Scarlett behind her back. Unlike Scarlett, Hailey actually has feelings for me. Scarlett? She doesn't feel that way about me. That's why she shuts me out every time I try to express my feelings.

"Yeah babe, I'm okay. Can't wait for you to get back."

"I'm cutting my stay short since I miss you so much. I'll be back in a couple days, and then we'll go out, okay?"

"Yes, definitely! I'll be right here, waiting for you."

"Bye babe, I'll call you again tonight."

I remember most of the things that happened last Friday. I've been able to recall almost of everything in bits and pieces over the weekend. I remember watching that horror movie with Scarlett, then heading over to the beach. Then we...talked. I don't exactly recall our conversation. But we talked...mostly. Then I kissed her. If there's something I clearly remember, it's how her lips felt against mine.

All I can remember with perfect clarity is how it felt kissing her, with our bodies pressing against each other's. It had been...I don't even have words to describe what it felt like. Surely she felt something for me if that's the way she kissed me, so passionately, so wildly.

Probably not.



The football tournament starts in a couple of weeks, and Aiden is practicing so hard. His days start with it. He comes up to school early in the morning and practices for two to three hours everyday, and then sometimes practices during the school hours too. And then he practices some more after school gets over, and then goes home. I can see how much it tires him. But there is a lot of pressure, being the captain and all. It is his first time as the captain, and he is really nervous. Not that he shows it. He maintains a cool façade, but I know what's going on deep inside that head of his.

And on top of that he has to manage his grades too. The weekly tests are coming up and he has to study for them. Whatever time he can take out, he spends it with his girlfriend Hailey. I get to spend some time with him during the classes we share, but that is about it.

Neither of us has brought up the kiss we shared on the beach that day. He probably doesn't even remember it. I still don't know if he meant the things he said that day. And I guess I never will.

It is our gym class right now, and we are outside. While my friends are busy playing volleyball (as usual) I make my way to the bleachers and sit down comfortably. The boys' football team is practicing. I sit down to, well, ogle Aiden. It takes me a while to find him. My eyes search the crowded ground and finally, I see him. He is wearing his trade-mark red-colored jersey, and let me tell you, he looks hot with a capital H.

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