Authors Note:

Hehy there guys. Welcome to my first story! :D

Now, I completely understand that my style of writing isn't the best; some of you will hate it while some of you will love it, but please understand that this novella is undergoing some major editing, in hopes to make this story better.

I believe that's all I have to say for now, so PROCEED to reading and I hope you enjoy it and give this book a chance! Thank y'all!

Oh, and for the record:

- Xanthe is pronounced as Zan-thee.



I stared up at my mother with absolute excitement, completely in awe of what was happening.

"Mummy! I lost my other front tooth!"

She smiled down at me and ruffled my wavy blonde hair.

"Shall we put it under your pillow for the tooth fairy?"

Smiling up at her with glee, I bounced up and down.


Letting loose a high pitched giggle, I raced up the wooden stair case that led to my room. Mum decided to follow behind more slowly, as they tend to do these days.

Impatiently I waited for her, bouncing on my bed. She entered my room, instantly scolded me and placed the tooth under my pillow before she held up a mirror she had retrieved from the bed side for me to see my gums. In my reflection, my fringe hung in front of my bright blue eyes which seemed to sparkle whilst my fairly arranged teeth surrounded the place where my top front two teeth should've been. My lips stretched as I smiled as wide as I could, causing my dimples in my cheeks to deepen the slightest more.

She abruptly pulled the mirror away and gently pushed me back onto my bed.

"Now," she cooed, "The Tooth Fairy wont come if the little miss wont go to sleep properly."

Not willing to risk missing out on a visit from the Tooth Fairy, I pulled the blanket up to my chin and squeezed my eyes shut. I felt her lips press against my forehead softly, murmuring 'goodnight my little feather', and smelt her cherry perfume mixed with gingerbread as she drifted from the room. Once I was sure I'd heard my door shut, I opened one eye before the other.

I let out a content sigh of happiness, completely in bliss from the excitement of receiving a dollar before a blinding white light grew in my eye sight, suddenly knocking me harshly into unconsciousness.


Chapter One: Xanthe's POV


Sunlight broke through the barrier of my eyelashes, and I blinked myself back into consciousness. The sun streamed down through the drifting red and yellow leaves of Autumn. Sitting up hastily, I wiped dead leaves and twigs off my body. My naked body, I realized as I stared down in horror. I had no clothes on, not even a scarf. What was even freakier was that I had developed. I don't think I'm six years old anymore. My eyes flicked up from my body and searched the landscape, which appeared to be quite beautiful. Large, supple trees were neatly lined up one by one along a wide dirt path. Around and beyond the dirt path was evergreen valleys, which looked like they were homing wineries stretching out into the horizon against the clear blue sky.

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