[Bran Stark] Cold Snow {Imagine}

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A/N: Hey Guys,

This is my first imagine izzy just wrote her Joffrey imagine which is amazing please read that if you haven't already. Anyway sorry if this imagine isn't the best. Also for this imagine Bran isn't a cripple sorry if you don't like that but..deal with it. 

~ Caitlyn 


You ran your  fingers through Summers beautiful fur and giggled slightly as Summer licked your face.

"She really likes you, you know" Bran your intended announced grinning and sat down next to you. "Yeah but..not as much as she loves you" you replied shuffling a little closer next to him the cold snow making you shiver. "Are you cold Y/N?" he asks wrapping his arm around your shoulders. You shake your  head "no just my excuse to be close to you" you say sticking your tongue out at him.

He laughs and rubs snow through your hair, You gasp "that's it" you say dramatically standing up and throwing a snowball at him. He scowls then sniggers "Your going to get it Y/N" he yells playfully and as you run along the snow squealing he chases you. Him being fast as he tackles you knocking the air out of you and him as you both hit the cold snow.

You gasp and he is staring straight into your eyes instead of saying anything you immediately just lose every thing you were just thinking about and just focus on his dreamy eyes. Slowly you lean up and gently press your lips against his fitting like a puzzle its like you were both made for each other. 

Then again you probably were your parents seemed to think so that's why you were promised to each other... 

Of course the only thing to ruin the kiss was Summer bouncing along the snow barraling towards you and Bran of course being so hooked in the kiss you didn't know that until Summer dove on both of you. "Summer!!" Bran yelled while you lay there pissing yourself laughing. "Sorry bout that Y/N" Bran said softly kissing you again and you knew after that moment.

That you could never be as happy as you are with Bran.

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