Dating the Son of Zeus *16*

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Standing on the balcony of my room I watched as the sun came up the next morning. I hadn't bothered to try and sleep, I knew it wouldn't come. I couldn't begin to describe how aggravated I was. I detested Hector in every possible way imaginable. I knew things about him that no one, let alone Sophia, could ever know. And yet there she was, talking to him like he was just another guy, inviting him to the bar-b-que today like he was a friend. Taking a sip of my coffee I rolled my eyes. Hector and the word friend did not go in the same sentence. Hector was many things but a friend he was not.

Turning away from the balcony and walking back into my room I sat my coffee down. Pulling out clothes for the day I chose a pair of blue jeans, a long sleeved gray shirt, and a plaid black and white button up. As I put the clothes on I couldn't help but to realize that I would be grateful once I was back on Mount Olympus and I only wore my simple, yet extemely comfortable robes. Humans place way too much emphasis on their clothes, it's rather annoying. As I finished getting dressed I walked from the room and into the living room. My friends were all there, waiting.

"Morning guys," I said smiling at them.

"Morning," Penelope replied.

"This bar-b-que had better be worth me not sleeping in on a Saturday," Perseus complained.

"Yeah because now my whole weekend schedule is thrown off track," Leonidas said laying on the couch.

"It's to help little kids who are orphaned," Penelope said eyeing the both of them. "Can't you two stop thinking about yourselves for once and think about other people?"

"Why? They don't think about us anymore," Perseus admitted.

I felt myself frown at his remark. Though it was true it wasn't really something that I wanted to dwell on. So ingnoring his comment and not giving Penelope a chance at a retort I decided to talk about the matter at hand. "Ok we need to go over our strategy for the day." I said.

"We have a strategy?" Perseus asked.

"I love talking strategy," Leonidas said sitting up quickly.

"Hector is going to be there which means that all of us are going to have to be on high alert. That means that we do not lose sight of him or Sophia. Penelope I'm going to go ahead and have you stay with Sophia at the bar-b-que. Stick with her no matter what. Don't let her leave your sights." I paused as she mutterd a quick, "I got it." "Perseus and Leonidas I want both of you to be on the watch for Hector. Sophia said that he should be grilling so I think that he should be around me somewhere but I won't know for sure until we get there."

"We got it Hercules," Perseus said.

"Yeah. Keep and eye on Sophia and make sure that Hector doesn't get her alone anywhere," Leonidas said.

"Exactly," I said. "And if he tries anything, which I would think that he would be smart enough not to do, we deal with it as discreetly as possible. That means that powers do not get used unless absolutely necessary. Like no other option. Like it's life or death. Got it?" I asked, attempting to get my point across.

"Loud and clear," Leonidas said standing from the couch.

"Well let's head out. The sooner we get there and start getting things set up the more time we'll have to keep and eye out," Penelope said.

"Ok let's go," I said smiling. I just hoped that the day would end well.


Pulling the car up to the curb outside the orphanage I couldn't help but to get that depressing feeling back into my stomach. It still tugged at my heart that Sophia grew up here, with no famiy. I couldn't get over it. I know that even without a solid family she grew up to be the wonderful, perfect person she was but still. I didn't understand how any family could walk in here, see her, and not want her. Shaking my head and walking up the steps to the door I attempted to put it behind me. I didn't need to be thinking depressing thoughts like that in front of Sophia. It would only bring my mood down.

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