HANBIN ~ He's Back [requested]

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KIM HANBIN [requested]
by: wooshik



"Let's go upstairs! I want you to meet him!" She grabbed my wrist and pulled me upstairs in just a blink of an eye. She's so eager for me to meet that guy she's been talking about this past few weeks.

She slightly opened her bedroom's door. There, I saw a guy facing his back to us. He seems so tall and slim.

"Who the heck is he?" I asked her.

"Hanbin!" I glanced at the guy that Seungyeun called Hanbin. As he turned around, my whole body together with my soul froze.

"Uhm Hanbin, meet my friend, Annie." Me and Hanbin stared at each other for a second before we spoke,

"YOU!" We both said in unison with matching pointing at each other.

"Wait... you know each other?" Seungyeun confusingly asked.

"Seungyeun I need to go." I quickly jumped out of the door and ran outside their house.

As I am walking across the streets, I still can't believe that he's back. Hanbin is back!

"I thought he'll be gone for 1 year but it's just for 1 month! Aaaiiish it's so awkward." I covered my face and sat on the bench. I walked straight going to the nearest park from Seungyeun's house.

"And I didn't expect that he still know me. Damn!" I messed up my hair. I'm so ashamed!

"Hey stalker." That voice.

I looked up. A guy standing infront of me.

"Shit." I murmured. He smirked and sat beside me. I looked away and bit my bottom lip.

"You still remember me huh. So, who are you stalking right now? Or maybe, you still like me." I really want to run away from here right now but there's something in me saying just stay.

"Uhm w-what are you talking about? Forget about what happened before." I still can't look at him. But he? He kept on staring at my face!

"Remember that day when you confessed your feelings with me? That's the day I will never forget." In my peripheral vision, I can see him smiling in a sweet way. I don't know what's going on. Am I dreaming or this is the reality?

I felt my face blushing. I also feel like I'm already sweating.

"W-Why? That time, I really like you. Sorry if I'm weird. It's just, you're the first guy that made me feel crazy." I chuckled with nervousness.

"Geez, you know what, I love weird girls. And you're the weirdest girl I've ever met." He looked at me as he said weirdest girl. Now, butterflies are roaming around my stomach.

"Are you okay?" He asked. My eyebrows met.


"Your... your face is already red." He giggled. I covered my cheeks and looked away.

"Don't cover it. You look cuter while blushing." He help my hands and removed it from my face. Dang it. He's not like this before I swear!

"Hey, I have something to ask." My curiousity striked again. What is it right now Hanbin???

"Yea sure. W-what?" I replied.

He moved closer to me... closer to my ear. Now goosebumps are all over my dead body.

"Do you still like me?" He whispered. I can even smell his breath. I closed my eyes and froze.

"Yes Hanbin. My feelings for you never disappeared." I spoke. I can see that he's smirking while he's still close to me.

"Good." He gave me smack of kiss on my red cheeks and moved 3 inches away from me. He's still so close! B-But, why did he kissed me?

"W-Why did you do that?" I utterly said. Holding my face again while looking at Hanbin.

"Stupid tomato, I like you." He giggled and stared at me. What can I do but stare at him too.

Right at this moment, I feel like I'm floating above the clouds while talking to the person I love.


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