Izeiah's Pov

I went outside or rather I escaped from Butler Chan.

While walking, I felt something is really weird but I just don't know what it is.

"Magandang Gabi, Iha. Pareho parin ang order mo?" Tanong saakin ni Manong. Everytime I'm not busy, I usually come and hang out in the park near here after buying food to eat.

Tumango naman ako.

Ibinigay na ni Manong saakin ang aking fishball na nasa isang popcorn bowl dahil sa rami nito. Nag thank you na ko sakanya at dumiretso papunta sa isang bar malapit dito.

Our house was just a walking distance that's why I never bothered to bring a car. I just bring a backpack, which has my silver mask, because gold is too shiny, P1500 and a credit card, my identity card incase someone steals my identity, kunai, a hoodie incase I shiver to death, and I think that's all.

"Two glass of Zinfandel, please." I asked. They looked up at me immedietly and grinned.

"That's all?"

"Four shots of Shiraz. I want the Private Room" I said.

"This way, please." Someone led me to where the entrance of the Underground.

"That'll be P1000." How did the entrance fee went up?! It used to be around 300-500. For 2 years that I'm gone the fee went up twice as much as it use to be.

I gave the P1000 bill to him. All that was left was my P500 bill.

This is so depressing. I don't even know what's the password of the credit card I have in my backpack, I can't call Ate Hina 'cause they're going to find out I'm not home.

Why did I even think of taking Ate Hina's credit card when I could take mine? Maybe because it has more money and it has no limit to how much you can withdraw.

Nakatayo ako dito sa hagdanan, hinahanap ko ang card ko para maipakita sa malaking bouncer sa harapan para naman makapasok ako sa main arena kung saan ang mga labanan ang nagaganap ng di mapunta sa wala ang P1000 ko.

Nahanap ko na ito. Naramdaman kong may naghihintay sa likod ko. Buti nalang inilagay ko ang maskara ko bago ako nagbayad ng entrance fee.

Merong kinalikot ang bouncer sa kanyang Ipad. I was waiting for the bouncer when someone tapped my shoulder and wrapped something around my waist.

"May tagos ka, Miss." He whispered to me.

Lumingon naman ako sa kanya. He's wearing a mask and so is the other guys who's with him.

Just I was about to speak the bouncer interrupted "You can go."

I nodded at him and turned to the group of boys once again before going in.

I smiled when he sounded oddly familiar to me but I never really thought there's still some gentleman that would do that in real life.

Umupo ako sa isang bar stool hawak hawak ang fishball ko.

"Can I have a lemon juice?" I ordered to the bartender.

"A glass of yellow wine please." Someone said which I completely ignored. I watched the ongoing fight and realized it was between two girls who is clashing with their swords. They are avoiding to kill each other.

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