New school

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Your POV
So this is it.. The start of my new school life in Cross Academy. I'm standing in front of the school gates, I slowly open them and walk in.

The school campus is huge! There are even woods here! I walk around for a bit, probably for about 20 minutes when something catches my attention, screams.

I walk towards the screams, they weren't the normal type of screams, oh no, these are the screams of a bunch of fangirls.

When I arrived there I see that I was right. Over there were a bunch of girls fangirling over guys dressed in white, dramatic much? I mean sure they're good looking but still..

I walk closer to try and catch the guys' names.
When I've walked close enough a blonde guy with icy blue eyes walks up to me and gives me a charming smile,
"a new face.. may I ask for your name?"
I glare at him,
"my name is none of your business"
He chuckles,
"I like you, my name is Hanabusa Aido. I've never seen you around, are you new here?"
I nod,
"yeah, I am.. and I guess I can tell you my name.. it's (Y/N) (L/N)"
I'm not sure if my mind is playing tricks on me but for a moment his eyes flashed red.. blood red if I am to be exact,

A guy with orange hair called,
"aww bummer, I've got to go now.. I hope to see you around again"
He winks at me and walks away, what an odd guy..

I continue to walk around and ask for directions to find the headmaster's office, when I finally arrived I knocked gently on the door,

"headmaster? May I come in?"
The door opens and a guy in a white uniform was standing in the doorframe, he had chocolate brown hair and warm brown eyes and yet with a red glint,

"oh.. um.. hi?"
He seems awfully familiar, I wonder where I've seen him before...

"ah, you must be the new student, (Y/N) (L/N), I'm terribly sorry, Kaname is on his way out"

The man with brown hair smiled gently but I could see the sorrow and pain behind it,

"actually.. could you wait for a bit? I have some questions, for both of you actually"

I look at the man with brown hair and he replies with a raised eyebrow and a slight grin,
"oh? Which are?"

I take a deep breath before asking,

"well... first of all.. are you Kaname? Kaname Kuran?"

The brunette seems to be taken back a bit,
"that is my name, yes"

I watch him for a few seconds,

"alright.. moving on! Why are some of the students wearing Midnight Blue uniforms while other students wear white uniforms? For example Kaname here.."

The headmaster looks at Kaname awkwardly before saying,

"well.. they have uh.. a rare skin condition!"
I could feel Kaname's eyes watching me like a puma watching it's prey,

"all of them? There are at least over twenty students.."
He laughed nervously,

"well yeah.."

A faint smile appears on my lips,
"are you sure they're not vampires?"

The headmaster smiles gently but I could see the panic in his eyes,

"of course not! Such nonsense! Vampires only exist in myths!"
I chuckle,

"so you're telling me that Kaname here"
I point my thumb at Kaname as I speak,
"is not a Pureblood Vampire?"

Kaname raises an eyebrow again,
"how would you know?" I grin,
"that is for me to know! But.. who knows? Maybe one day I'll tell you or.. you'll find out by yourself~"

The headmaster claps his hands together once,

"well then, since you know the secret of the night class, or as you call them, 'The students in white uniforms' you'll have to be in the Disciplinary Committee with my children, Zero and Yuki, ah! Speak of the devil, Zero!"

A boy with silver hair and Lavender eyes walks in,
"Zero, would you please be so kind as to show (Y/N) to her room? Thank you!"

The silver haired guy whose name seems to be Zero glares at Kaname, then he makes a head gesture for me to follow and walks away,

"those eyes.. they're really beautiful and quite rare.."

Zero doesn't reply.

"Lavender eyes... I've only ever known two guys who have those eyes, they're twins! And their names are Ichiru and Zero Kiryu, it's quite odd.. don't you think? A vampire hunter that has a twin brother who just so happens to be a Level-E Vampire..."

He quickly turns around and grabs my arm roughly,

"how do you know about that?!"

I grin,
"you reek of blood, plus, I'm a vampire hunter as well!"

He lets go of my arm and glares at me,
"tell anyone and you're dead!"

I shrug,
"don't worry! I won't tell a soul about your little secret!~"

He sighs in relief.

We walk together for a few minutes in silence and then we come to a stop.

"we're here"
He says as he opens the door,
"oh and.. thanks"

I raise an eyebrow,
"for what?"

He sighs,
"for not telling about my secret.."

I smile gently,
"don't worry about it, what are friends for anyway?..?"

He smiles gently,
"then I'll be off"

He said as he walked away. I laugh to myself as I walk towards my bed and plomp down on my bed, yes! No roommates!

I turn around and stare at the ceiling,

"this day really took an unexpected turn.. I think I'm gonna like it here! And who knows.. maybe I'll figure out my past and where I belong, perhaps who I am in the progress?.. now I'm certain, I'm going to work hard to fit in and find out who I truly am!!"

I think about it for a bit, then suddenly the guys come to mind, Zero, Kaname and Hanabusa.. they're so handsome!
I mentally slap myself,

"stop it (Y/N)! You're just tired... yeah.."

I turn to my left side and close my eyes,

"just fall asleep.." which I did.

So uh... I thought it would be a genius idea to read over my book..
Yeah, that wasn't the best idea I've ever had,
But! It made me want to make my book better!So I'm working in rewriting it, of course with the same plot but longer chapters and less complicated...
I sort of went outside the plot... like a lot!
But that is because I wrote this book when I was twelve and I didn't know a thing, just went with the flow~ haha, anyways, bye!
(I'm also hoping it'll be slightly easier to read...)

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