"She didn't even say goodbye you know?" He said quietly, sipping the tea she had made for him. She could've said that she knew what he was going through, that it would be alright and everything would turn out okay. However, she couldn't say that; sh didn't want to. What with Ana being gone now, Ros had no idea if she would ever come back, if Merlin would ever get the chance to see his sister again if he stayed in the kingdom.

"It's partially my fault, I'm the one who told her to run and-"

"No Ros," he interrupted her, "If she would've stayed then the guards would've killed her. You saved her, and I'm indebted to you." She stared blankly at him, unknowing exactly what to say. He would never be indebted to her, she would never allow it. Her mind trailed back to Dane, he wanted to marry her... He wanted her to be his wife, and take Ros back to Tamerel with him. I couldn't leave Merlin alone like this, he would only have Gaius and Arthur, she thought to herself.

"Do you wish for me to stay here with you tonight?" She took his hand in hers and gently stroked his fingers with her thumb, not sure if he wanted to be left alone.

"Your father will be keeping a closer eye on you now," he said, "We will have to be careful. I think we should hold off on being together for a while, at least not be seen together besides as a princess and her servant." She let out a breath that she hadn't noticed she had been holding, and sighed. He was right. What with the large stunt she just pulled with Uther, and then with Prince Dane here, her father would be eyeing her much more than usual. He would be there to make sure that she wouldn't ruin things with the suitor that he set up for her.

"I suppose your right, what with this whole thing. We should wait until it blows over then yes?" She purposely left out the part with Prince Dane, she didn't want to put out something that would end up making him more upset. She leaned in and gently pecked him on the cheek. "You can take the week off, if you need anything Merlin, I'm always here to talk alright?"

"Thank you Ros." With that, she left. Walking up the castle steps, the maids looking at her fairly spooked. Roselyn Pendragon was never the child to act out. It was always Arthur who would take risks and go against their fathers orders. Ros was the good child. She had heard many whispers from the commoners that she would be the one to rule when the time came, but she always brushed it off because she knew that the idea was impossible. Sure Roselyn had broke her father's rules before, and Uther knew about it, but the people did not. Her father had never cared, even though a part of her deep down wanted him to.

She was too preoccupied by her own thoughts that she hadn't noticed Arthur walking towards her. When she finally noticed him, he was dressed in his armor and looked like he was ready to kill someone if need be. "Ros you have to do something for me," he said quietly as he approached.

"You want me to cover for you so you can go out looking for Ana, yes?"

"No actually, that's not it." She raised her eyebrows in surprise, this was unlike Arthur. She expected him to already be gone, out searching for Ana.

"Then what is it you need me to do?"

"I need you to keep an eye on the kingdom while I'm gone. Father is angry, and I don't know what he'll do to the people when he's like this. Comfort them Ros, be their light." He patted her head and Ruffled her hair, before pulling her into a tight hug. His armor was cold, but she still wrapped her arms around him.

"Be safe, I'll do my best."

"I know you will." When they let go of each other, she realized what she had just promised her brother. She promised to take care of the kingdom, and that's what she'll do. "I'll be back, I promise." He kissed her forehead and left her standing there, her arms folded over her chest.

It seemed to already be late at night, the Stars glittered the night sky and the moon was full and shining its light down on the city. She walked towards the window and looked out, her gaze wandering over the castle grounds and beyond the walls. "I'll do my best while you're looking for her, just promise me that you won't try to bring her back too soon." Pushing herself away from the window, she continued to slowly walk to her room. She knew that he couldn't have heard her, but she wanted Arthur to be smart about the entire situation and not try to bring Ana back too soon. Uther would just do something drastic once more. If Arthur didn't see it, she knew that Ana would set her brother straight and who what's best for herself and her own safety.

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