Let's Call It Love

Chapter 5

The Search

We arrived there shortly, driving slowly. We were greeted by a middle aged guy who took over the car and drove it somewhere.

"Sir, your mother is here," he informed him.

He nodded happily and smiled. Perhaps his mother is very nice like him.

"Come on, I'll show you around," he said and grabbed my clammy hand, dragging me into the big house.

We were greeted, by the looks of it, maids. They always bowed. We reached a hallway, and he opened one of the doors. The door revealed a very spacious room.

"This is the study room; we'll be here later," he gestured at the tables.

I nodded and looked at the blank hallway. Then I saw a guy in a black suit coming towards us. I think it was the same guy we saw when we got out of the car.

He reached us already and stopped when he was close to Dalton. "Your mom wishes to see you," he told us.

We followed behind him as he led us to another large, spacious room. In the middle were sofas and chairs that looked very comfortable. There was a lady's head showing in my view. It's probably Dalton's mother.

She turned around to look at us. Her expression was very lovely. Her smile lighted up the whole room. She gently gestured us to sit down.

I sat down in one of the chairs properly. I don't want to give a bad first impression on her. I gave her a light smile and she returned it.

"My Dalton! How have you been?" she asked him. Dalton bent down as his mother kissed his head and ruffled his hair lightly.

"I've been good. How have you been?" he asked her.

"Been good too, seeing as your happy," she replied.

Dalton's mother has a very sweet and gentle voice. She looks very nice. She had a braid on her hair like a teenager and she still looks very young. She was wearing a scarlet long skirt that went lower than her knees and a white shiny button up shirt; I think a silk shirt on top of a scarlet vest that went up to her stomach. She was wearing a pearl necklace and earrings.

She gestured at me. "And who may this lovely lady be?" She asked Dalton.

He went over to me and sat in the arm holder, and he put one arm around me, awkwardly. "This is my friend Scarlette Gwendolyn Wright," he introduced me.

Don't make a fool of yourself. I nodded my head once and smiled nervously.

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