Izeiah's Pov

I checked my schedule and today, and today for some unknown reason, I became the one who's meeting the Kenshis, it was originally Ate Hina but she reasoned she got infected by ebola but it seems to me she's avoiding someone. 

I went to my Office.

"Lady Izeiah please stay here in your Playroom while I go get your cookies. Naubusan na po sila ng Tobleron at Hershey because you asked half a hundred of boxes of them yesterday, all that's left is dark chocolates" Butler Chan said.

"Cookies will be fine, I'm not like Ate Hina who's so bitter. I should remind her she needs to put sugar on her life just for once for a change."

It's actually an office not playroom. Anytime soon they are going to come in our office.

Ate Hina wants Elexis of the Kenshi Clan to model her new releases which are men's clothing. I'm confused to why she picked him of all men that's working under us. She chose someone that's from another comapany instead of someone working in our company. I'm starting to think she have a crush on him.

Butler Chan came in with my cookies

"Lady, they're are already here. Please don't play with your milk, it's going to erase your make up."

I stopped blowing the glass of milk that's messing up the powder around my mouth. Tumayo na ako at pinagpag ang suot kong bestida na kulay pula.

Pumasok na ako sa room kung saan kami magmemeeting.

I saw two identical guys. One reading a magazine while his legs are crossed and one of his elbows are sitting on one of the arm of the couches. And the other one is on the other end of the couch sipping a tea elegantly.

Lumingon sila agad saakin at nagtaka.

"You don't look like Ms.Hina at all."

"Because I'm not her. I came here as a substitute as she's been taken by one of my fellow aliens, who have come to take me back, suspected as the abductor of me" I said. Reasoning that she's been infected by ebola is a bit out of the norm and so I came to a better excuse.

"You look like someone." The boy who I think Elexis is his name, tapos pinasingkit niya pa ang kanyang mata.

"You look like my Mom." He said.

I gave him a curious look.

"I think I don't look like someone else as I don't even know who gave birth to me." I said, they gave me a shocked look.

"Do you remember anything when you were 5 years old or under?"

I gave them a suspicious look.

"I think that's not why we're here, is it?"

"Oh, sorry. I got carried away." Sabi ni Elexis at tiningnan ang kanyang kapatid na tumango din.

"So, Ms. Izeiah, may I ask? Why do you want to hire my brother?" Tanong ni Alexis.

Minsan nawe-weirduhan na ako sa aking sarili. Tulad ng, alam ko ang pagkaibahan ng magkapatid nato kahit na copy and paste sila, kahit na hindi ko pa sila nakikita o nakakausap

"Even I don't know why. She said to ask you and so we did."

"Hina ang pangalan niya diba?" Tanong ni Elexis

"Yeah." Sabi ko at tumango tango.

"Was her last name used to be Williams?" Surprising he knew what identity she used to introduced with.

"Did you do a background check on us?"

"Funny. No, we didn't." Elexis said grinning.

Biglang nagring ang cellphone ni Butler Chan.

"Magandang Umaga, Lady Hina."

"Nakahanap na po ang mga researcher ng gamot para sa ebola?" Butler Chan said making a confuse face.

"On the way na po ba kayo?"

"O sige po. Ipaparating ko ito kay Lady Izeiah." Ibinaba na ni Butler Chan ang cellphone niya at tumingin saakin.

"Nagamot na po ang sakit ng Ate niyo. Papunta na po siya dito." He reported.

"Okay. I'll keep them entertained."

"Pupunta lang po ako sa kitchen para sabihin na magready sila ng inumin at makakain."

"Okay. I'll have white chocolates."

"Izeiah!" I heard someone roared outside the room.

"Hey, there." I said as soon as the door flew open.

"I told you. Your going to have a sore throat again. Butler Chan gave her a bowl of fruit instead." She scolded.

Narrator's Pov

Napatingin agad si Elexis sa kung sino ang nasa harapan niya. His prediction was true. She was his long-lost girlfriend back in highschool.

Tumingin si Hina sa paligid at napatitig nalang kay Elexis ng magtagpo ang kanilang mata.

"We meet again, Babe." Elexis said and in just a blink of an eye, he was already infront of Hina kissing her cheek. Shr turned red and couldn't speak.

"I-I'm in the wrong room" she whispered but Elexis grabbed her then hugged her.

When Izeiah finally processed what just happened.

"What kind of sorcery is this?!" She screamed.

"Don't react as if you've never seen me with guys before, Izeiah. He's my ex." She simply said and tried to yanked Elexis off her.

"You've date other guys while we're still in a relationship?" He calmly asked.

"That was a long time ago, Elexis. Now, there is no us."

"No one broke off our relationship."

"Elexis, we are here for business not for fixing the past."

"Since your here, can I leave now?" Izeiah asked despite the tension that's building up.

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