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"YOU WHAT?" I shouted at Rachel.

"You sent her to a freaking crack house!" Screamed Puck.

"A non-functioning one." said Rachel smartly.

"She still could have gotten seriously hurt!" Tina said sharply.

"You're so selfish, Man Hands. You couldn't just except that she is just as talented as you," Santana snapped at her.

"I can't believe you would do that," Quinn said.

"Yeah Rachel, ducks can be super dangerous," said Britt.


"You said a quack house, duh," Brittany replied.

"No, we said a crack house!" exclaimed Artie.


"Anyway," Mike said.

"It's not right, Rachel" Kurt said, very teacher-like.

"URGH!" Rachel threw her hands up in frustration and stomped off.

I followed Rachel out, to try and get an explanation.


"What do you want?".

"I'm not going to judge you, I just would like an explanation?" I asked.

"Okay, I didn't want her ruining the bond we have," she said.

"Lies!" I said back.

"You just couldn't stand that she was so good at singing, you though she would take your spotlight and you would be swaying in the back like the rest of us!" I said and then walked away, leaving her speechless.

I got home to Kurt talking to someone.

I don't usually eavesdrop but this was totally different.

"Why don't you join McKinley?"

"Because Kurt, my life's in Dalton and you know that."

"Okay, well that means, we're gonna be competition."

I couldn't hear anymore, so I looked through the crack in the door.

"Oh, hey Olivia," Kurt said.

"Um, this is Blaine," he continued.

"Blaine, that's Olivia. My step sister."

I shook his hand.



Is it me you're looking for.

"So, I'm gonna go to bed. Nice to meet you Blaine. Kurt, see ya tomorrow, Bye" I said running upstairs.

Kurt is obviously, in love with this guy.

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