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 They first appeared in the summer. It was completely unexpected. Someone had to be responsible for the starting of this; it was four teenagers. They did this on purpose for a reason no-one else knew....

It was a cold winter evening and Emily was still out partying with her ‘friends’. Actually they were just Amy’s friends, they were just pretending to be nice so as they could help Amy destroy Emily forever; so as they could inherit her riches ‘by accident’.

They were at Amy’s house. Her foster parents were on holiday for a couple of weeks; and had said she could have a party, so long as it doesn’t get out of hand. Most of the time Amy would look after herself, although on the odd occasion, her next-door neighbour would come round and help her out and stay overnight, and then go in the early morning.

Amy had long, naturally curly hair; had dark black looking eyes; had a slim and tanned figure; and always wore a slightly intimidating black pendant. Only 6 people knew what this was – Amy, both her parents, Amelia, Jane and Becky; for it was her magic source. Emily asked her once for one just like it, but she had said she couldn’t remember where exactly she got it from, and that it was a long time ago, so it was probably knocked down anyway and not to worry about it.

Before Emily and her ‘friends’ met up at Amy’s house, Amy had secretly set up an attack on Emily, while they were at her party. Jane, Amelia and Becky had joined Amy as she went to talk to the killers. She knew them well, for they were her parents. They were named Jake and Shannon Black. Amy had asked her parents to kill Emily quietly and when she was alone, so as no-one would hear; and it could take a long time for any of her friends to realise she was gone!

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