Izeiah's Pov

I woke up and saw a lady beside me, who's staring at me intently.

"Who are you?" I said

"I'm Hina William" she said and went silent for a secind before asking..
"Do you know who you are?"

"Yes, from what I remember I was from an alien spaceship that has crashed in this round thing called Earth. I'm still trying to figure how the damn hell I end up in this fluffy rectangular thing. My name is Izeiah and I've learned to speak just the same language as your using 300 years ago and.. " I answered.

"And.. it's weird you didn't get taller"

"And that was all a lie except my name is Izeiah."

"Do you know where you live?" she asked again.

"No, I don't. I'm kinda lost better yet I don't remember a thing. My fellow aliens must have deleted my memories"

"I don't know where I live too perhaps do you wanna live with me?" She ask

"Sure, why did you left your house? Did my troop invaded your property?"

"Let's say my house is being over run by three girls I despised" she said and smiled at me.

"And stop with your alien lies." She added.

12 Years Later

We change our last name to Swift because I don't have a last name and Ate Hina despises her last name as much as she despised her Dad's new family. Swift was her Mother's maiden name.

We used the money inside my backpack which by the way I don't know where it came from and a credit card that until this day we still can't get in touch with the money that's kept inside. I tried hacking it but the card gave my computer a heart attack, the credit card have a heavy security I even came to the conclusion that I robbed a wealthy family when I was young.

Yeah, back to the story, we used the money to built a small bakery then it became a famous in our town.

We spent many years, 6 years to be exact, to make our business spread all over town and we successfully did. (Izeiah is 11 years old at that time)

A year later, I started my own business when I was 12 years old, I was home schooled and so is Ate Hina, she stopped going to school for 2 years because someone needs to manage our business. My business was simple manage a chocolate factory.

Mahirap sa una dahil marami din ang dapat gawin to keep the business running as long as possible.

2 years later, I was 14 years old, Ate Hina started a clothing line which was name after our last name. It attracted a lot of small clothing business and now that I'm 17 years old, the Swift name is known to every corner of the world because of our unending hard work.

It's really funny how it took us nine years to be one of the richest family in the country while some family took generations to be one.

And finally, nag-open up na si Ate Hina about sa family niya noon at ano ang buhay niya. William family once requested us to sponsor one of their business.

'Chloe is the blonde one while Facy is the brunette one. The one with wrinkles was her step Mom' that's how Ate Hina describe them to me.

'Linoko ni Papa si Mama  habang nasa hospital si Mama. Hindi niya alam ang pinag-gagawa ni Papa pero alam ko, nakita ko siya sa mall magkasama silang naggagastos ng napakaraming bagay tapos namatay si Mama na hindi man lang nakikita si Papa then before I know it, they already got married in less than a month after my Mom died. They made me believe that she was my real Mom and that the one who died was just a pretend. My Dad's story was that the woman, my stepmother, ay nabuntis niya yung babaeng iyon at ibinigay niya ako kay Papa after two weeks na naisilang ako, tapos pinagbantaan daw ni Mama yung StepMother ko na lumayo o papatayin niya siya.' Ate Hina bitterly smiled as she told me the story and all I could tell here about my past was aliens and chocolates because I've got nothing.

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