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(NOTE: This book also has Russian language)

Dedicated to Olga_GOA

Genre: Romance Mature

Interviewing characters: Veronica Ledyanova. Milano Veneziani.


Hello Mrs. Veronica and Mr. Milano or how do you want me to call you?

Veronica: Hello, June. Such a nice name. You can call me Veronica, but I think Milano get used to call like Milano Veneziani cause of his social status and pompous ass :D

Milano: *Smirks* June, don't listen my not obeying girlfriend, you can call me Milano. But of course I prefer sir. *smirks again*

*Talks to her boss over phone* Ok boss. *Ends call* Sorry, but I'm not calling you sir so I'll stick with Milano. Now, can you please describe your looks and what you are for the readers?

M: *Smirks* Okay, sweetheart, as you wish ;) So stubborn as miss Ledyanova, you are :)))

I can describe my look as complicated person, who doesn't want to open secrets from past, who wants to hide them more deeper as he can, and don't involve anyone else in it, even close people, like my brother and Veronica. For me easier to be bad, cause I don't want to open my feelings anyone except myself. My past hidden under ash of my past love.

But I think readers can decide, who I am - monster or only human? Or just human monster :))

V: I'm really merceful and kind to people who kind to me, my aunt taught me to be good girl and more attentive. Sometimes my wild temper overpowered mind, because I'm really emotional person, but as I think, my kindness can win my character's quality as insubmission :) Hope people don't see monster in me, cause I always wanted to help people and I'm not cold girl, I really care about other.

Well, readers have to decide on that. Tell what's your story about and how far are the chapters?

V & M: Our tempers are really complicated, more than Milano's brother or his fiancee Francesca, cause they more calm and have balance in emotional world, except us. In one way you can think that know us, but another way we behave so strange and not able to understand. We do it, cause follow for feelings more than mind; passion, lust, jealousy, hate or love confuse us and these feelings make to do things opposite our human nature or rationality sometimes. That's why reader can be really confuse when will read this story and discover our characters :)

This story not only about LOVE, this story about how people CAN TRUST to each other, how they can feel each other, even seems that they CAN'T find a connection, cause have so different points of view. It's about PASSION and DESIRE that could not able to control, cause these emotions more stronger at first time, cause people CAN'T LOVE just at first sight, LOVE born only when people start to communicate, know each other, accept good or bad side. In story has one description of LOVE, more fit to whole story. LOVE is SACRIFICE. So we wants to find it or learn it while we live together, or teach each other how to love.

I see. But you haven't told me how many chapters so far.

V & M: 25 chapters + authors note (Dedication to people who help in translation and another stuff) :)

And later, post OST songs, as features to book :)

How is the story so far in your opinion and any problems your creator (author) doesn't like and wish to change it?

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