Chapter 14

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Stealing Hearts 6/28/13

Chapter 14   (2,350 words)

Allison’s POV

Sometimes I wake up not remembering the slightest bit of my dreams while other times I have the absolute weirdest that make no sense what so ever. Then you get the insane dreams that you share with someone. I had a dream, that I would actually not liked to remember.

The day was sunny with a few clouds lingering in the sky. Seats where scattered into two sections with Pink roses. A small lake was in the background perfect for a picture. A guy in the front of everything stood there looking quite sexy in a tuxedo. I couldn’t see his face, while as everything else crystal clear. I walk forward to go see who this mystery guy is and why I am so attracted to him, when the feel of grass tickles my feet making me look down. A white simple but elegant gown hugged by curves in the right places. My hands fly up to my hair that was part up part down put curled as if they were natural. I somehow ignore my outfit and walk to this boy that seemed as if he was waiting just for me. People suddenly appear in the seats wide smiles on their faces. I walk faster trying to get to the mystery boy who seemed to get father away from me as I got closer.  I’m now running threw the grass towards the boy. Everything stops as he turns around staring into my grey eyes. His blue iris shined in the sun. I walk slowly trying not to get him to run away again. He smiles looking me up and down. He holds out his hand and I place mine on top. He wraps his fingers softly around mine pulling me to the lake dock. He pulls me in closer inching my face closer to his. As if someone suddenly blew a cloud out of his face I could see him clearly. Mr. Niall Horan stood in front of me with shining eyes and looking sharp in his tux.


“I love you.”


“I love you too Niall.” The words seemed to flow from my mouth not even guessing it once. He lowers his lips to mine, flashes going off in the background. Some one comes running up to us panic written all over their face. Louis and Ashley stood there bloodied and beaten, bruises everywhere.


“We t-tried to stop them. T-they were just to s-strong!” Ashley cries in panic. I give her a questioning look, watching as she points up to a hill I’ve never noticed till then. Two large figures come bounding over the edge filled with hate and misery. I look up to get a good look at their face, realization comes to me making me gasp. I stumble backwards. Niall steps in front of me protecting me with all he can. The women reaches down and grabs Niall from me. I scream and cry out but all she does is smirk at me.


“Do you love him Allison?” She hissed. I nod strongly bracing myself for whatever happens next.


“You loved us Allison, and we left you all alone. We will take him too Allison, cause you need no love.” The horrible women hissed at me not caring that my heart was breaking.


“Mother. Father.” I glare at the horrible people in front of me taking away the man I love.


“You aren’t loveable, Allison. What don’t you get!”? Father said. I look up with tears in my eyes not believing a thing.

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