Chapter (39)

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Chapter 39

Isabella POV.

Walking down the stairs of the boat, as it slightly bobbed up and down in the ocean. I spotted Connor instantly as he lay on the beach with his eyes closed.

Clipping my hair up, I lowered myself into the water. It surprised me how warm it was. My feet planted into the ocean sand, the water now level with my breasts; I began to walk towards the shore; the ocean still. The yellow one piece that I found in a drawer clung around my body and crossed down my back. Making my way through the water, I knew Connor could hear me but yet he kept his eyes tightly shut.

My eyes scanned his defined bare upper body, as he lay lazily on the beach with his arms behind his head. A smile twitched at my lips as I noticed the sun glasses planted in his messy black hair.

The twisting feeling I had in my stomach began to return, as all the lies he told me began to creep back into my mind; his silence haunted me. Shaking my head, trying to get the thoughts out of my head, my hair fell loose from the clip. Sighing as I reached up and clipped half my hair back and let the rest stay free; the water was now at my hips.

Connor screamed sex appeal as I eyed him. My heart fluttered as I came to terms with he was mine, but yet at the same time it scared me. He had lied to me for so long, how could I trust him? After everything he had done, how do I just get over that?

Breaking free of the water, I walked towards him. How does one forget everything and move on? My shadow now cast over him, as I stood next to him.

"Took you long enough." He said keeping his eyes closed.

Sighing I walked back towards the ocean and dragged my foot through the small ripples. "I couldn't find anything to wear."

"You're lying to me."

Glancing at him, annoyed, he could see right through my words. It had taken me awhile because every time I took a step forward my mind took two back with doubt.

"Well I'm here now." I said lightly, still looking at him.

Opening his eyes he pulled himself up. "At least you came."

Nodding my head before leaning my head back slightly, bathing in the sun as it warmed my skin. "So what do we do now Connor? Where do we go from here?" Closing my eyes and inhaling the fresh air, I rested my foot now while the water lapped at my ankles. 

I didn't flinch away as I felt him wrap his hands around my waist, pulling me tight into his chest. Lightly he kissed my shoulder through my hair, my head fell to the side; exposing my bare shoulder to him.

"We go back." He kissed the top of my neck just below my ear lobe, "and you make your decision on your birthday, whether you want us to be."

Keeping my eyes closed, I noticed how my breathing was becoming unsettled and my heart was thumping hard. His hand's seemed to burn through my swim suit as he clenched my hips. I could never deny the power he has over my body; so could I deny him as mine?

"It's a month to my birthday, seems a long time to wait." I noticed the waves in my voice as I spoke. "Say I accept you Connor, then what?"

"Then your mine," the possessive quality in his voice coated his words, "mine forever."

Placing my hands over his, I loosened his grip and turned around in his arms. Opening my eyes, "You know that's not what I meant."

"Why does anything else matter?" He said lightly, bringing a hand from my back to stoke the side of my face. "I only want you Isabella."

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