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I woke up to the sun beaming through my curtains. I rolled out of my bed lazily going to the bathroom.

After taking my shower and getting dressed I kissed my mom's picture before leaving my room.

I kicked the beer cans out of my path as I walked over to my dad.

"Dad." I whispered as I shook him.

"Danny?" He asked as he woke up. Danielle is my mother who passed away six years ago.

I sighed, "No, daddy it's Tara."

"Oh." He looked at me. "You look pretty."

I smiled, "Thanks. It's seven, you have to be at work in an hour."

He slowly nodded his head before getting up, "Have a good day, baby girl."

He kissed my temple before heading upstairs. I grabbed a pear before leaving out the door of our shaggy townhouse.

Yes, my father is an alcoholic. He started drinking heavily when my mom passed away from heart disease when I was ten.

I remember having to help him into his bed because he was too drunk to stand on his own. Eventually he lost his job and had to settle as a janitor. I work to so that way we don't struggle.

I walked into the school ignoring the stares from everyone. Here everyone thinks of me as some tough bad ass.

But I'm not complaining. I grabbed my books from my locker and headed to my class.


"Miss.Bay, what is the value of x?" Mr.Richards asked making my head shoot up from the desk.

The whole class stared at me.


"That's correct, no sleeping in my class." He said before turning to the board.

I rolled my eyes before laying my head back down on my desk.

"Class we have a new student." I heard the teacher say making me look up.

The boy stood at the front of the class looking nervous. He was tall with curly hair, his clothes were baggy, he wore huge glasses, and his shoes were beat up.

"What's your name, son?" Mr.Richards asked.

"A-August-- August Alsina."

"Do you see that nigga's shoes?" A guy named Jacquees in the front said making the class erupt in laughter.

"That's enough, Mr.Harris. Take a seat next to Tara, Tara raise your hand."

I raised my hand and August made his way to the back of the class. Jacquees stuck his foot out making August fall.

The class, once again erupted in laughter.

He quickly got up and took his seat with his head down. The whole period he said not one word.

The bell ringed and he quickly packed is stuff up, practically running out of the class.

All my classes went slow. I was so happy to finally get to lunch. While eating with my best friend Lani I noticed August eating at a table by himself.

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