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Trigger Warning

Y/n pov

"Look at her weird ears!" "She's a freak!" "She's weird!" "Nobody would EVER like a freak like her!" The comments juts kept coming. I sat curled in a ball as people kicked and made fun of my. Someone stomped on my tail, instantly, I cried out and yanked it away, hugging it close to me. That person laughed, tugging on my ear instead. Instantly, I scrambled up, a few more kicks and punches, and I was running away. "Yeah! You better run!" "Don't even think about coming back either!" I didn't plan on it. I ran down the streets, and into the woods. Only stopping when I couldn't see any sign of people for miles. I was a freak. With these stupid cat ears and a tail. I don't even understand what happened to me. I've just...always been like this. No batter where I go, it's always the same. People call me names and hurt me. I stopped, sitting down on an old log. I pulled out something I've always kept close, a razor. Seems the closest thing I've ever had to a friend was this object. Pushing the thought aside, I slid the object across my wrist. Blood already bubbling out. I continued to repeat the action, deeper and deeper every time. A sudden figure jumped down from the trees above me. Before I could even make a noise, whoever it was grabbed the razor and tossed it. Next, they covered my mouth, muffling the scream. When I stopped, they moved away, glaring at me. I starred at them with a confused expression, has he been up there the entire time? He wore a black and red checkered hoodie, red eyes glaring into my (E/c) ones. I covered my wrists when I realized what was happening. He crossed his arms, "Tell me why you were doing that." "I-I don't even know you!" I protested. He  gave a smile, "Okay, if you want to play like that. Hello. Nice too meet you, my name's Mitch." He held out his hand. I eyed him suspiciously, something wasn't right about this guy. "M-my name's Y/n." I finally said, taking his hand. Instead of shaking it, he flipped it over, starring at the cuts, "Now, explain. It'll make you feel better." Maybe he was right. I never tell anyone. Not that anyone would listen. Maybe he would? In the end, I decided to talk. Spilling out everything that was happening. Mitch actually listened. And when I was done, I found that I was crying. Mitch wrapped his arms around me pulling me into a hug. I hugged back, crying into his chest. He held me for a long time, running his hands threw my hair. He smiled, "Guess what?" "W-what?" I asked quietly, looking at him with teary eyes. "You've got a friend now." I've never felt happier. 

Hope it was sweet enough :3
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