Chapter Twenty-Five ~ Naqua

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*Aqua's POV*

A week. Niall and I have been dating for a whole week now and my feelings for him have just grown stronger each day. l didn't think they could grow anymore, but I guess I was wrong. He's taking me out on a date tonight, and everyone; Niall, Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, Wynter, Hazel, Eleanor, Scarlet and I are at the boys' place. All of us girls claimed the basement once again while the boys claimed the upstairs and since I don't have a new dress to wear, Eleanor is lending me one of hers like the great friend she is! Wynter was assigned to do my hair, Scarlet was assigned to help Eleanor put together an outfit, and Hazel was assigned to do all the extra things like my nails and make up.

When I was finally declared ready for this special night, two hours after the girls had sat me down in a chair in the basement, I stood up and rubbed the feeling back into my legs and butt. Yes, you can lose feeling in your butt if you sit for too long. I stumbled for a second and Wynter grabbed my arms.

"Woah," she laughed. "Last time I checked, falling down when you look like an angel wasn't part of the plan tonight."

I shot her a look. "And last time I checked, I wasn't going to be sitting down for two hours!"

"Just put your heels on, Scott!" she ordered jokingly "The faster you get them on, the faster you get to see your prince" I blushed at her words and hurried over to my shoes, slipping them on my feet. The girls all gushed at me and smiled.

"You look amazing!" Hazel gushed.

"We. Are. AmaZayn." Scarlet declared This was my outfit: (Pic Above) I had to wear a blazer because El said the fans can get a bit rough sometimes and wanted something to cover my arms until we got to the restaurant Niall was taking me to.

"C'mon." I said walking over to the stairs, "I want to go on my date!" They all followed me up the stairs and after Hazel motioned that the coast was clear, we walked into the living room.

"I'll go let Liam know you're ready," Hazel said and ran upstairs.

"Are you nervous?" Scarlet asked me. I nodded and took a deep breath. "Don't be." She gave my hand a reassuring squeeze.

"Niall, stay there so we can see her first!" I heard Louis yell.

"NO!" he shouted. "I get to see her first! She's my date, not yours!" I chuckled when he said that. My breath caught in my throat when he came into wiew wearing a black polo and nice khakis with converse. He looked at me and stopped dead in his tracks, eyes popping out of his head. He quickly recomposed himself and closed the space between us.

"You look amazing."

I blushed and looked down, whispering, "Thanks." His finger went under my chin and lifted my head up.

"Don't look down. It's cute when you blush," he said while smiling. That made me blush harder, "You ready to go?"

"Yeah," I replied, lightly grabbing hold of his bicep "Bye guys!" I waved to everyone as Niall led me out the door and to his car. When I got in the passenger seat, he'd closed my door, and sat in the drivers seat. I asked, "Where are we going to eat?"

"Not telling" he smiled.

"Please?" I begged. He shook his head 'no' and smiled, I gave up and leaned against my seat. After fifteen minutes of a comfortable silence, he pulled into Nando's parking lot.

"Now, I know what you're thinking," he said looking at me "This is a horrible place for a first date, but just wait and you'll see I'm not a terrible boyfriend" He smiled and came over to my side of the car, lightly grabbing my hand as I stepped out. He was such a gentleman, and I loved it. We walked into Nandos, of course he'd opened the door for me, and l stopped in my tracks as I took in what I saw. The place was completely empty except for a few waitresses and waiters and most likely some people in the kitchen. There was one single table with a white table cloth drapped over it, a vase of roses, and two candles. A part of the dining area had been cleared of tables and there were lights strewn around it.

"You...did this?" I asked

"Mhm. I wanted a place that served good food, but I rented it out so that nobody could enterfere with our night. And I didn't think the regular set up would be appropriate, so I set up a dance floor and the nice table for us." He took my hand and led us to the fancy table, him pushing my chair in for me.

"Niall, this is so sweet," I told him. "But you really didn't have to do this. I mean, It must've cost a lot." I frowned at the idea of the money he'd spent.

"Hey, no frowning," he said. "I have plenty of money and it was all worth it. I want this night to be special."

I smiled again, "You're the best." A pretty waitress came over. "Hi, I'm Shauna and I will be your waitress tonighht. What can I get you to drink?"

"Uh, I'll have an iced tea," I ordered,

She nodded and looked at Niall "Water, please."

"Alright, I'll be back in a few minutes to see if you're ready to order," And with a smile she walked off.

"I didn't...mess anything up did I?" He asks me.

"No, this is perfect," I reassured him We sat in silence for a few moments, looking at each other as he ran his thumb over my knuckles.



He glanced at the table with a slight frown before asking, "How much hate have you received from the fans?"

"Ni." I whispered to get his attention. "I've received a little, but it doesn't affect me. l knew I'd get it and their just jealous that l have the best guy in the world to call mine."

He cracked a smile at that. "Any de-death threats?" Once again he avoided my eyes. Yes, I've received death threats. And yes, they hurt. But I wasn't about to tell him that.

I forced a real grin on my face. "Nope." Now he smiled for real and it made the lie worth It.

*Niall's POV*

I watched Aqua, not trying to be creepy. She's just so beautiful and I can't believe she's mine. We had already finished our dinner and were joking and talking.

"Would you like to dance?" I asked as I stood up and held my hand towards her.

She smiled which made me smile and she took my hand "I'd be delighted to. I lead her to the makeshift dance floor that was surrounded by lights. I cued the manager to play slow songs and she placed her hands around my neck while I put mine on her waist.

She rested her head against my chest and I worried about her hearing my heart racing a thousand miles per hour. I began to silently hum into her ear along with the music.

"How did I get so lucky?" She mumbled into my shirt. I laughed.

"I think I'm the one meant to ask that."

"I'm serious," she said as she looked at me and frowned. "You're famous. You can have anyone you want, so why me? I'm nothing special."

I stopped moving and stared at her in utter shock. Did she just say that? "Aqua." I tilted her chin up with my thumbs so that she'd look me in the eyes and see my seriousness. "I know that we haven't been dating for long, but you are so special to me. I fell for you the day I met you and my feelings keep growing You don't realize how amazing you are, so I'll show you and tell you every day."

Her eyes were tearing up with happiness and she tightly wrapped her arms around my neck, hugging me. She kissed my cheek, making me blush, and whispered thank you.

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