Crimson's P.O.V.

Zak's P.O.V.

My life is a living hell. I live in a run-down orphanage. The owner, Ms. Jeffries, beats the kids if they don't listen to her. She makes me cook for everyone, clean, and basically be her servant.

The only way I escape this world I live in is my laptop and my music. My laptop's the only thing I'm allowed to keep that's electronic, besides my iPhone that I keep secret. I entered a contest to see if can can finally get out of this place for a week. The contest was by Travel Channel. They were hosting some big sweepstakes where if you won you would get to spend a week with the Ghost Adventures Crew and be on the show. I was waiting for a reply email.

I went and cleaned the living room, and made supper for the kids. (I was 14, but I was forced to live here because all of my immediate family was dead and none of my aunts or uncles liked me.) After I cleaned up after them, I went to check my laptop. There was an email from the Travel Channel. I was pretty sure it was going to say “Sorry, you didn't win.”I opened the email. I almost fainted. I won. I was going on an investigation with the GAC.

I was super pumped about doing a sweepstakes. I was looking forward to teaching people about paranormal investigating and all the equipment we use. Aaron and Nick had already made all the arrangements for the location and hotels and stuff. Now we just had to pick the winner.

“Nick, Aaron, get your asses in here so we can pick a winner!”

They came running in from the kitchen, and Aaron almost stepped on Gracie.

“Watch were you're going, you lump! Don't kill my dog!”

“Sorry dude,” said Aaron apologetically. “So how are we gonna pick the winner?”

“I got a list of all the names of the people who entered from Travel. I say we each pick one at random, then pick one of those three.”

“Good idea bro. Nick, you wanna pick first?”

“Sure.” He walked over to my computer and scrolled through the list. “Hmm, this one sounds interesting. Jacobson Michaels. Sounds like he has two last names.” he wrote down his name on a piece of paper.

“My turn.” Aaron came over and skimmed over the list. “Dude, check out this chick's name. Crimson Jaquilin. I pick her.” He wrote down her name on another piece of paper.

Finally, my turn. I scrolled down to the very bottom of the list and found a guy named Bradley Vladimir. Damn, people have weird names. “I pick Bradley Vladimir.” I wrote him name on another piece of paper, then we put the three pieces into my hat. “Who wants to choose?”

“I think we should get Billy to,” said Aaron. “BILLY!!!!”

Bill came in from the living room. “What?”

“Come take one of these names out of the hat so we can pick the winner of our sweepstakes,” I said.

“Okay.” He reached into the hat and pulled out one of the slips of paper. “Crimson Jaquilin.”

“Who-hoo!” screamed Aaron.

“Sweet, I'll email Travel so they can mail the airline tickets and stuff. Nick, start getting things ready. I want her to feel welcome when she gets here.” I emailed Travel, then leaned back in my chair, with my hands behind my head. I hoped she would actually be interested in learning about the paranormal, not just interested in me, Nick or Aaron.

Ms. Jefferies was not happy that I was leaving. But I said if she let me go, I'd do double the work when I got back. So she let me go. I packed most of my clothes, which were all black, red, or white. I put my suitcase by the door of my room and went to put the other kids to bed.

After they all finally fell asleep, I picked up the whole house. They really did make a mess. But I loved them anyway. I wish they would be adopted so they wouldn't have to live in this awful place. It's so bad, it's almost like prison sometimes.

When I was finished cleaning, I went to my room. It was basically just a storage room with a mattress and a desk. I used my artwork to make it look friendlier. I had drawn a mural on one wall of a girl floating across a lake. This was personal to me because this was my interpretation of my first experience with a ghost. My laptop was on my desk, along with all the sheets of music I had written. I loved music. It helped me channel my emotions.

I checked my email again. There was another email from the Travel Channel. It said that my plane tickets would be mailed to me and would arrive sometime in the next week. I was to fly from Seattle to Vegas. Then I would meet the guys at the airport. Then we would fly to the location the next day. I thought that was kinda weird. Wouldn't it be easier to just fly me to the location? Whatever, I was just happy I was getting away from this hellish place.

I turned off my laptop and went to sleep. I couldn't wait to get those plane tickets.

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