It doesn't matter

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I was pacing in my room thinking what Barry told me about. His darkest secret!

Flashback :

"What is it Barry?"I asked him nervously.

He took a deep breath. This is making me really tensed. What is it that he is so tensed about? I told him that I love him and he is tensed about something else! What is more important than my confession?

He looked at me. I was staring at him.

"Barry! Say something! Will you?"I said worrying even more.
"Jane, I am not a human...."he said when I started laughing.

Is this a joke? He is joking right now? This is such an important part of our life and he is in mood to joke?
He was looking at me surprised.

"Jane! I am serious! I am not a human! Really.."he said seriously.
"Ok...ok..."I said trying to stop my laughing and continued, "Then what are you?"

"I am a....vampire. I am a hundred year old vampire."he said seriously.

I didn't say anything and waited for him to finish what he has to say.

He then continued,"That day I left the bridge when you told me to but then I came back to save you and I was able to come back on time because I am fast enough. I used to take you home and escape from the window after closing the main door. I am a vampire and you are a human! I am immortal and you are mortal! We can't be together! We are not made for each other! Jane, I want you to live your life and find someone else, marry him and be happy."

Tears were rolling down his eyes as he said these words.
I was trying not to cry. I won't cry, I won't leave him! I can't! I love him!

"Jane, say something. Please."he said nervously.
"I can't leave you! I just can't!"I said seriously.

He took a deep breath and took my face in his in palms and looked into my eyes and said,"Jane, we can't be together. You should go home and think properly. You are not thinking straight right now. You need to take your time to think it through. It's not only about your life but also about the people who care about you."

I tried to say something but he interrupted me,"Jane, I will take you home. You need time and some space for yourself."

Then he took me in his arms and brought me home. Yes, he ran till here and that too really fast. We were at home in just few minutes. So, he wasn't joking. He is really a vampire!!!

Present :

I really can't believe this! But, it's really true, he is a vampire! What should I do?

His words ran in my ears..."We can't be together!"
I can't live without him! I love him, he is my life! I can't leave him!
I need to talk to him.

I took a deep breath and called out,"Barry, I know you can hear me! We need to talk!"

As soon as I said this, he was in my room. He is really fast!

He was looking at me seriously,"Yes, Jane."

I took a deep breath and said,"Barry, you know I was heart broken when Mark left me and was about to end my life when you saved me. You mended my broken heart and now you want to break it again. This time no one will be able to mend it. Barry...."
I took his face in my palms and continued looking straight into his eyes,"It doesn't matter to me that you are a vampire and I am a human, that you are immortal and I am not. I just want to be with you no matter how long. I want to grow old and die but only when you are here with me. This life means nothing to me if you are not in it. Barry, I love you and I only know this and I can't live without you. Barry, please don't leave me."

Tears were rolling down my eyes. He too had tears in his eyes.
"I too can't live without you. I too love you so much. I will be together with you and never leave you no matter what happens."he said and hugged me.
I hugged him tightly not wanting to let him go ever.

Jane and Barry have expressed their feelings to each other. Now, what will happen next? Is everything going to be ok ot there is something else in their fate?

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