Chapter 22

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'Wonderful Cowen your human just collapsed on the floor of your apartment' I yelled finally mind connecting with my brother.

'What! What are you doing at my apartment and what did you do to Mari,' he yelled back, I could hear the worry even through our distanced connection.

He can't actually care for this human. Either way she's going to have to die. He can't ever tell her the truth about us, and if mother and father ever find her she'll be tortured.

'Please tell me you weren't stupid enough to actually become involved with a human,' I asked.

'Saphira please, she's different,' He pleaded with me, desperation clear in his voice.

'Do you know how much danger you've put this human in? I may as well kill her now out of mercy! Mother and Father are attacking everyone, plotting my death, and you're worried about a human? If Mother and Father don't kill this girl, the half-breed child inside of her will,' I sighed.

I felt for my brother, but this was foolish and a terrible mistake. The biggest battle in history between our people is about to begin and this silly human knows too much. I'm going to have to kill her, there's no other choice.

'No Saphira please let me explain, you can't hurt her. Don't! I'll never forgive you,' he pleaded, begging me.

'I'll make it painless, and I'll try to help the child,' I struggled to reassure him.

'You can't! Please Saphira I love her!' he yelled through the link, desperation clear in his voice.

'Then you'll thank me for giving her this merciful death,' with those last words I closed the link and looked to the human woman that was passed out on the tile floor.

Sighing, I gracefully fell to my knees beside her. Reaching one hand out I delicately laid it against her stomach. Closing my eyes, I could hear the soft sound of my nephew's heart beat.

Thump Thump Thump

He was strong, and he would survive this, so will his father. Gliding my hand up her belly to her head, I laid my finger to temple and ensured that she would stay like this, in a comatose state while I removed the child from her womb.

I returned to my feet, and arching my back I relinquished in the familiar pain that ran through me. Needles pierced my skin everywhere, the sharp pain radiating through out my body, I allowed my true form to take over. I fell to my knees beside Mari and elongating my nails, so they were almost claw like I took a shuddering breath and dug my nail into her stomach.

Immediately blood began to seep from the small wound I had made, but I wasn't finished. I dragged my nail through her stomach in a large circle, successfully cutting through her skin like butter. I could now see the small half-breed, he stared at me his eyes open. Reaching into her bloodied stomach I grasped my nephew and smoothly removed him from her womb, cutting the umbilical cord, I wrapped the small child in my shirt, as he continued stare at me unblinking.


A large crash came from the door, and Cowen came charging in. As soon as he saw me on the floor with his new born child, and half dead fiance he let out a cry of outrage and launched himself at me. Jumping to my feet I swiftly dodged him, and with the child in arms teleported to my best friends home, Alissa.

Just in case some of you do not remember Alissa. She is a future fairy, and Saphira's roommate from school! Anyway Vote and comment! xoxo

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