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At the edge of the Galaxy lies a planet named Panora, a planet of 50% water and 50% land. On that planet lived the Faunus. They kept to themselves and Faunus rarely ever left their home planet. They are a unique race with animalistic features. Most had fangs, claws, some had horns, ears, or a tail of an animal. They also had a connection with nature, they sensed the life, the spirits bound to it. Some bloodlines of the Faunus could help plants grow, heal them, speak to creatures, bend water to their will, most Faunus could sense the emotions that the plants felt, and if they were strong enough and had good will it was said that they could move the earth.

Another reason the Faunus were a unique race was their eyes. The most common was a pollen color. The second most common was red. Third, aquamarine. Fourth, sunset orange. Fifth, emerald green. Sixth, metallic silver. And seventh, an oceanic blue. A rare color was purple, those with that color were said to be ancestors of great significance. The one thing they all had in common? If they ever found their one true love their eyes would flash pink, no one knows of that but the Faunus and special privileged friends or people.

The Faunus were a kind and giving species, even those with darkness in them.

The planet Panora has eight moons. Gareth the moon of wisdom, Draco the moon of strength, Lunaris the moon of tranquility, Anota the moon of peace, Marech the moon of faith, Zante the moon of beauty, Primus the moon of leadership, and finally Jateh the moon of destiny.

Gareth is a tinge of yellow. Draco a tinge of red. Lunaris a tinge of aquamarine. Anota a tinge of orange. Marech a tinge of green. Zante a shiny tinge of silver making it the brightest moon of Panora. Primus a tinge of blue. And finally Jateh a tinge of purple. It is said that the Faunus of those specified eye colors were descendants of those moons or rather the ancestors that lived on them. The Faunus were connected to those moons and would pray to them, they were thought of as gods or celestial beings that protected them.

A war was waged on their planet, even though they were a just and peaceful race they still turned against one another for power. The separate six national governments had declared war on one another. There were allies, betrayal, and double crossing so that one could be the leader. But the plants on Panora had been affected by the negative energy from the war and they turned against all the Faunus, destroying them.

There was only one Faunus to escape. My father Draco Liax had put me away in a escape pod so that I may live. He had anticipated the plants affects and what would happen, he was the most connected to nature out of all the Fuanus. The one thing he wanted to be sure of, was of my safety. Even if he had to die in the process. So I was sent off into space at the age of five.

He always told me I was special. Not just because he was my father. But because I was the only one in my generation to have purple eyes, even though they are a rarity there was others before my generation with them. It just wasn't common, it was strange to the nations that I was the only one to have purple eyes. The other children that were born after my birth had only the common eye colors, none after me had purple.

But that was fourteen years ago. I've changed from what I was all those years ago since I was found by criminals and raised by them, although it was better to be raised by them instead of Thanos or Ronan.

I had become a highly sought out assassin and a bounty hunter. Oh, I forgot to tell you what I look like. My hair is a dark brown color, my eyes as I've stated before are purple, my skin is the same color as Terrians or humans but slightly pale possibly a peach color. I mostly wear my white and blue assassin garb, which has lovely places for me to have my weapons. My guns are from Terra, I mean Earth. And I have hidden blades, my favorites ones are hidden in my cuff, I could just easily flick my wrist and they would pop out then I'd flick it again to make it go back where it was. I do love contraptions that make it easier access of my weapons. I guess the only thing left to say is that I'm nineteen, I only have the standard Faunus fangs and claws, I usually don't use my powers only in case of emergencies, I haven't found my soulmate yet, and I am currently on the planet Xandar. And I guess that's where my story begins.

I made up everything btw and made the drawing up top or to the side. Whatever your reading this on. I hope you guys will enjoy the story and such, please comment and give your thoughts. And correct me on anything I'm wrong at. I like to have everything correct when I write my stories. I will also try to update as much as I can, but I'm terribly slow at it sadly.

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