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Liz's Point of View:

Boom! I shot up from my bed, my heart racing, cold sweat running down from my face. Please not again!

I looked over to the large window and breathed a sigh of relief. It was only the rain, Liz.

As I laid back down, I heard my door open and pitter patter of little feet make their way over to my bed. “Mommy, I'm scared.”

“Come here, Lex.” I pulled my little brother into my bed. With his blankie clutched in his little hands, the six year old laid at my side. I could feel his body shaking with fear.

“It's okay, baby.” I brushed his brown hair softly. Soon, he was fast asleep, but I was wide awake. And that's a very dangerous thing at three in the morning. It gave me too much time to think.

I thought about three years ago when my own mother committed suicide, leaving an eighteen year old girl a three year old child to take care of.

Sure, mom made sure the house was paid off and we had money for a few years. But still come on! I was supposed to leave for New York right after graduation, go to college.

Now, as a twenty one year old, I was still living in LA, finishing college online.

I looked down to the little boy, tears in my eyes. He thinks I'm his mom. I pressed my lips to his forehead. And I'm okay with that. Cause in all aspects, I am.


When I finally fell back asleep, my alarm clock thought it would be a perfect time to go off. With the latest Cher Lloyd song coming from my phone, I rolled out of my bed.

“Lex, time to wake up.” I started to shake him. Man, that boy sleeps like a log.

I gave up on it made went to make breakfast. Once the French toast was made, I went back to my bedroom to wake up Lex.

“I made your favorite.” I whispered into his ear. He was up in a flash. I smiled and followed him to the kitchen.

While he shoved down three pierces of toast, I made him lunch. I looked outside to see the rain still flowing down.

“Lex, half an hour!” I called out as I ate a piece of toast myself. “Your clothes are on the bed.”

In twenty five minutes Lex had everything ready for school and I was ready to go to work.

“Umbrella?” I asked as we walked down the front steps of our porch.

“Yes, mommy.” He opened up his Cars umbrella. I smiled.

We drove through town to get Lex to school on time. Which we manage to do about half the time.

When we pulled up, the principle, Mrs. Nelson was standing outside like she always does in the mornings. Her arms were crossed over her chest. “Cutting it close Ms. Dawson.”

I gave her a grin. “But still on time.” I squawked down to face Lex. “Mommy's on the air today. If you need anything call Auntie Lena or my assistant, Tara.” I gave him a kiss. “I love you. Be good. I'll be here to pick up after school.”

“Bye, mommy!” He gave me a quick peck before running off to his friends.

I stood up and was about to walk over to my car before I was stopped by Mrs. Nelson. “Ms. Dawson. A word.”

I rolled my eyes before turning to face her. “Yes?”

“I understand that you're a single mother, but that does not excuse Alexander from being late almost everyday. Do I make myself clear?”

I cocked my hip. “ Look, Mrs. Nelson. I'm trying my hardest. He's here everyday, so what if he's five minutes late every now or then. I think we're pretty good at getting him here.” Before she could say anything I got into my car and started to drive to work, the Radio Disney station.

“Good morning, Ms. Dawson.” My assistant Tara greeted me as I walked in. she handed me my usual cup of coffee.

“Morning, Tara. What's the agenda today?” I grabbed a clipboard from someone walking by.

“We have the usual radio till about one, then we have a guest coming in for an interview.” We walked and talked to the studio booth.

“Okay.” I smiled. “Let's do this.” I walked into the booth only to be greeted my Bret, my co host on the show.

“Well, my morning just got a whole lot better.” He grinned. “Morning, sunshine.”

I rolled my eyes playfully. “Good morning to you too.” I slid into my chair and put on my headphones.

With a glance up at the on air sign to go red. I glanced over to Bret, he smiled at me.

“Good morning! And welcome to the Bret and Lizzie show.” Bret greeted our young fan based.

“I'm Bret.” I joked.

“And I'm Lizzie.” For the rest of the day, Bret and I played music, did our usual banter.

“And now, the latest from One Direction.” I pressed the play button. I looked down to the clipboard, but out of the corners of my eyes, I could see Bret staring at me.

“If you leave your mouth open any longer, flies are gonna go in.” I didn't bother looking up, but I could tell that Bret managed to look away.

A tap on the glass made us both look up to see my assistance eagerly tapping her wrist. With a frantic rush, I grabbed my cell phone. “Crap, I got to go!”

I grabbed at my things before Bret stopped me at the booth door. “What are you doing tonight?”

I sighed. “Bret, don't do this.”

“Come on, what can go wrong?” He ran his fingers through his blond hair. “One date.”

I shook my head. “Is this because of Lex? Come on, the kid loves me.”

“Yes, it's because of Lex.” I moved past him, but before I walked away, I turned around. “Everyday you ask me out, and everyday I shut you down. Why do you keep trying?”

Bret grinned. “Because you're worth it.” I started to walk away, a smile glistening on my face. “Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it's not true!”


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