Entry #7

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I decided to dedicate this to her ^ because her book halo or horns is amazing :p


Dear WattyPaddy,

I'm so freakingly-doo sorry for not writing every single day of my life here. It's because I'm busy having the time of my life with my friends who stayed here in maple for the summer ;P Anyway, nothing much has been going on in my life for the past couple of days. But I did went to a circus with a couple of friends! we rode the roller coaster! (of course) and I can't stop laughing when I saw a picture of me screaming. it was a very hilarious pic :p I might let u see it on facebook! so go add me there! click the external link and u shall see the holy face of jackson screaming like a girl :p 

So, I got my tongue pierced. It still hurts. Uh-huh. My friend told me it'll take 3 weeks to heal. Mm.. no licking for 3 weeks. FML :p my lick buddies will miss me lmfao :p Anyhow, i got the 'sheebang' from my mom when she found out :p 'one is enough Jackson! U already have one! Then another piercing?! That's just too much!'  <--- She seriously yelled that at me :p i'm such a bad son and getting worse, I'm planning on getting my ears pierced too :p but i'm sorta hesitating. i don't want my mom to burst a vein :p Plus, I want a tattoo :p but there's no chance in hell i can get that because I don't wanna die young and i don't want my mom to end up in jail :p

So, I'm also tired of people calling me bieber because of my hair :p so I'm getting a haircut tomorrow! :p i hope it'll turn out great. i don't really like getting haircuts all the time :p i'll prolly upload a pic of me on fb after i get my haircut so everyone can comment! i like comments. they always make my day ;p

OH, i almost forgot. My girl didn't cheat on me! :p lmfao but we broke up (awww) lmfao :p she went ninja on me when i confronted her. 'i can't believe u don't trust me!' <--- she yelled that on my face like i was some sort of malfunctioning microphone :p lmfao :p 'we're over!' <--- the parting line! :p Well, i'm not sad we broke up and not happy either. I can't describe what I'm feeling. When she said we were over, my stomach kinda turned a lil bit but after that, it's gone I was okay again. :p i'm so freaking weird. Anyway, we're friends now (i think. lmfao) :p and this is what i did to make things better again.

i texted her: I'm sorry. it's cuz u're blonde ;p

Her: u're such an ass but u're forgiven

Me: thank u. we're done?

Her: yep C****ngs. have a good life xx

So, do u think we're friends again??? :p lmfao comment below! :p

I won't talk any longer here. I'm practically a lil bit 'H' at the moment. I don't know why. I didn't even watch anything R Rated :p lmfao i even posted on fb something like, 'i have a high p*rn tolerance' O.o i'm such a sickooooooo! but ignore me, I'll be back to normal again tomorrow after I get my haircut! :p

peace out!

-horjacksonny (IGNORE ME!! IGNORE!!!!)


WELL, all of u chose iphone5! not surprising actually :p i would choose iphone5 too if i were u :p i don't know why but iphone5 is awesome :p so, the question for this journal will be a lil bit different! because i feel good! :p yeah yeah yeah gooyaaaa! let's dance!!! lmfao :p i'm so high right now!!! jack my swag! hannah montana's wearing my jeans! ashley tisdale is wearing my jeans! 

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT SONG BEFORE?? MY JEANS???? LMFAO IT'S A FREAKING DISASTER....... i think :p play the video on the right to find out :p

so the question is:

how's ur summer going? :p

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