Chapter 1

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It was getting close to August. And that meant school. I wasn't upset or anything, but I was freaked out because it was the first year of College. I was getting super nervous. It would be a couple of days for school to start. So I would get up early and not be late or tierd when I go school.

My name is Jesse. I graduated from a school near Texas. I was going to a University in LA. It was bad enough that I freaken shy. So thats why I am going to a University to meet people. But that is really hard to do.

So if I wanted to do that then I need a good appericance.

I went to my closet and was trying to find something decent from my new wardrobe.

I had a roomate Stacy. Stacy was really out going when I was really shy. If she saw a cute boy then she would talk to him. But I wouldn't, I was ugly, gross, weird. For what I think.

But alot of people think I was so beautiful and pretty but I new they were lying. I was disappointing to myself and I can't even look at myself I'll just cry in the mirror.

I saw Stacy in her bed, dead asleep. I opened the door that leads to the hallways of the dorms. I only saw a couple of people go down the hallways just talking or getting to their rooms.

I closed the door and went back to my closet. I got new clothes with Stacy, because I never had a boyfriend, and she said I needed to mingle instead of being single.

I tried to find something when I pulled out a comfortable black sweater. I was looking at it when Stacy came up behind me.

"You can't wear that! It's getting close to the first day of school are you crazy! And I told you to mingle and stop being single!" Stacy said.

"I just was looking at it." I lied. "Just wear this". Stacy said.

She handed me a top with black sleeves and white in the middle, with marron converse, and blue jean shorts.

I rolled my eyes while I grabbed the outfit. I saw Stacy go to the closet trying to find what she is going to wear.

I put my hair up in a messy bun. I slipped on my clothes and went to
My dresser. I put on my makeup, I put my hair down and straightend my blonde hair, and put my converse on. I put on my jacket, which Stacy doesn't want me to wear. I walked outside in the dorm hallways. I went to the showers and brushed my teeth. I sat there just looking away from the mirror leaning up against the cabinet.

I saw three girls walk in, with there thick makeup, fancy purses, and snobby faces. One girl was a brunette, just texting on her phone. One girl was a dirty blonde, she was doing her makeup. While the other was a dark red head, she was just laughing.

They all three stopped just looked up at me and it was silent. I was being a little nervous, scared, and was confused. The red head said, "Oh look girls, another ugly hobo." They laughed. I spit the foamy toothpaste out in the sink.

I walked towards the door when... "Hey, where do you think you're going?" She held my shoulder. I looked up trying not to cry, the red head stared at me with a evil grin. The other two girls were staring at me. The bruenett videotapped the whole scene. I said, "I am going to my dorm." I was trying to walk again when I heard them giggle. I didn't know what happened but I just kept on walking.

I walked out the door with my hands in my jacket pockets, and saw everyone laughing at me. I was just looking around with my head down still. Everyone was pointing, laughing, taking pictures, and videotapping.

I just sped walked to my dorm. Stacy was on her computer just eating a protein bar. My face was getting hot, my eyes where getting warm. And I new I was going to cry.

Stacy looked concerned. I told her the story and she was not happy. She stood up from her chair and was stomping towards the door. I new what she was going to do. So I grabbes her by the shoulder. She sped around and walked back to her bed like a 2 year old.

I stared at the door and turned around. Stacy eyes were huge. I looked at her with confusion. She grabbed my arm and turned me around and ripped a piece of paper off my back. It said, ugly loser. She showed me and I burst in tears. She ripped it in pieces and hugged me.

Hey guys I think I will finish this book for sure!
And the three girl bullies names where...
Red head- Ella
Dirty blonde- Mason
Bruenett- Halle
I forgot to mention that in the story. Whoops!

Jesse as - Chloe
Stacy as- Olivia
Ella as- Ella
Mason as- Mason
Halle as- Halle

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