Part 20 🤓

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"Hey Y/N?" Mikey asked. "Yea Mikey?" "I was..wondering..if maybe we could talk about..what had happened yesterday?" You were confused and Mikey seemed serious but it was hard to tell sometimes. "I-i'm sorry? What had happen yesterday?" "Can we talk in my room?" "U-uh huh." You stood up as he gestured you to follow him. He closed the door behind him as you were sitting in his fluffy Beanbag. "Whats up MIkey?" He put his hand out for you to take. Which you took. "Y/N. We..uh..remember when we got high?" "Yea why?.." "Well I had a dream last night and remembered..well. us. We. Both. May have..Possibly.. could've. Idk ummm. i'm sorry this is kinda hard." "Mikey..( you put your hand on his shoulder.) What.Happened? Its ok. You can tell me.." MIkey sighed and cracked his neck. "I think we had Sex." You looked straight at him without wincing and cleared your throat, turned your head to look at the wall then looked back at him. "wh-what." "Yea. I mean it may have happened, but i uh had a dream and then this morning drinking and eating my food i really started to remember and it wasnt a dream. I-I just thought you should know." You sniff; not cause your were crying but just you could and then you Just nodded your head. "Thank you MIkey." You looked away down to the floor and looked back at him with your eyes fluttering. You felt your eyes warm up, and it felt like you were about to cry but you werent going to. You then turned around, opened the door and walked out closing the door softly. You then leaned against the door and cupped your face in your hands and rocked your body from side to side like a cheerio in bowl rocking back and forth. You felt a hand on your shoulder; you looked through your hands to see it was Raph. "You ok, Y/N?" You messaged your face up and down with your palms and looked at him with your eyes all shiny and red but no tear stains on your face. He kneeled down on one knee and asked "Hey, hey, hey its ok, Whats wrong, gurly?" You sniffed and rubbed your eyes. "Nothing, Nothing you should be concerned with. Really its ok." As you looked down he looked up at you. he took your chin; lifted it up and starred into your eyes. "Hey, come on. You can tell me a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. For real." You breath in and exhale out the nose. You take your eyes off the ground and you look to him. "I.I dont know. Its kinda BIG deal. And i'm afraid my friendship is in Jeopardy cause of what had happened yesterday. And Its been really stressful with being the person who feels like everyday I'm dating you and Leo and i feel like i'm cheating on you and leo EVERY.DAY! And now i Feel like i'm getting sick and i dont know if its because i could be possibly Pregnant or not! -GASP!-" Your hands over your mouth as you looked out to blank space. "..WHAT!" You looked up at him with your hands on your mouth. "Mo No (OH No!)." "How...ARE you Pregnant?!" curiously worried with some anger. You couldnt answer that. You were to afraid. "I've gotta go." you got up with your left hand still over your mouth while you walked fast out of the lair. That is until Raph grabbed your hand and turned your around. "What happened Y/N. please. Tell me. I would do anything for you! Please. Please, just open yourself to me. For once, please." His eyes looked like they were screaming for truth and it was heartbreaking to just not tell him anything. But to tell him that you slept with MIkey, you don't remember any of it, you dont even remember yesterday except for the cereal you had in the morning. "Raph. I'm scared." You started crying heavily. "A-an-and i dont know what to do. I dont k-kno-w whats going to happen. And I dont..I DONT KNOW RAPH." "Ok, ok, ok." Raph wrapped his arms around your and pulled you into his chest. "shhh its ok, Its ok. I didnt mean to put pressure on you." you just sobbed in his arms as he pet your head. He picked your body up bridal style and carried you out of the lair and into the sewers. By time Raph was outside and you were asleep. He ran across the rooftops and your hair blew through the wind and He finally reached April's place. He placed you on the flat rooftop as he knocked on April's window. After 2 minutes April arrived to the window and opened it. "Hey whats up Raphael?" "Hey Y/N, she is having a hard time and i thought she could use a break from the sewers. and i thought she could stay with you for awhile. is that ok?" "Oh yea Absolutely :) Here why dont you bring her in so you can place her on my bed for now." Raph picked you up; walked in through the balcony door and placed you on her bed. April walked in and leaned against the door post as she watch you and Raph. Raph was so concentrated on you that he didnt hear or notice April. Raph kissed your forehead; took his thumb and rubbed his thumb softly on your forehead. He realized he was in a trance for like a whole minute and then he stood up. He then let his hand go of your forehead and walked away as he still looked at you then turned to April. SHe smiled sweetly :) "You really like her dont you, raph." Raph looked back at you then to April. "Umn yea, I do. (raph looks back at you on the bed) She's my everything." April looked over to You then at Raph. "Please take good care of her. She needs care at the moment. She had something happen to her and she wont tell me." April touched Raph's arm "Dont worry, I'll take good care of her, I'll make sure of it." April went over to you and tucked you in under the blankets and your body automatically snuggled in; grabbed the blankets and turned over to your side. April turned around and saw nothing but her living room through the doorway; and the window's see-through curtains were flowing through the breeze. The night was a moonless winter's night. Its been raining more than snowing, it actually hasnt snowed once yet. Usually it snows around Thanksgiving.
Next week's Saturday. You scrambled out of bed and got dressed. The first thing that was on your mind was getting a pregnancy test from the gas station a block away. Ur period started yesterday. Not where you wanted to get your test from due to the creeps lurking there but you really wanted to know if you know. you were walking along the streets and thought about stuff. It all stressed you out, and even more stressful is that you spilled yourself to him. How you felt between Raphael and Leonardo, how you told him your worried about being pregnant, and you didnt tell him who could've gotten you pregnant which worried your mind about how he would most likely not leave you alone until you answered his questions, and even if you did tell him it was Mikey, how would he react? Would he be calm on the outside and boiling with Rage, would his feelings hurt so bad on the inside that he would never want to see u again. Would he be so angry Sooo angry that he would hurt michelangelo badly. Rapheal is the strongest of them all. Yoi realize that you did date him and possibly love him but now, at this moment you dont love him the way he wishes you would. You walked into the tiny store at the GasStation. You saw an indian woman running the cash register. Surprisingly no one was in there but you and her. You were walking down the third Isle where the medicines, baby diapers and Period Pads were. You saw at the end cap was a row of pregnancy tests. You turned one over to see the price, your eyes widened. "$6 for one..what the heck..." you whispered annoyed. You looked behind yourself to see a rack of doritos and Funions. U look back at the pregnant test and sigh. You gave in and walked up to the counter. You watch the lady as sounds of tings and chaChing echo the store. "Ok. That will be $8.50." "Oh geez ok." You took out your $20.00 bill and gave it to her. You used the gas station's bathroom and pee'd on the stick. You put the stick in your back pocket. Ur tank top under your actual top covering the remaining stick popping out. You had it placed diagonally in ur pocket but still sticked out a bit. Back at april's. You walked into her guest room which is ur temporary room for a bit. U locked the door behind u and got under ur covers like u were in a tent. You took ur pregnancy test out from ur pocket and had it facing the mattress as you chanted "please be negative.please be negative please be negative please be negative please be negative" you close ur eyes as u turn it over fast and open ur e/c widened as possible "its negative" you say quietly and all whisper like. You sprang up from under your blankets as you jump up and down on ur bed like the story of "5 monkeys jumping up and down on the bed." And yelling "ITS NEGATIVE!! ITS NEGATIVE!! ITS NEGATIVE!! ITS NEGATIVE!! YEESSS!" And you felt someone else jumping up on the bed with you as u still chanted its negative. Mikey started chanting with u. "ITS NEGATIVE. ITS NEGATIVE.." You both jump danced on the bed. "WHATS NEGATIVE!" "The test!" "What did u fail a math test or something?" You both stop as u sit on the bed together. You giggled at him " nunu a pregnancy test. Im not pregnant!" U smiled. You and Mikey got up and hugged each other and jumped up and down. You were talking to him while outside Raph was walking towards the window as he saw how happy u and mikey were. He saw how mikey exclaimed as he had your shoulders in his hands and engulfed u in a hug. Raph never saw mikey so happy since his 10th christmas. And he saw the pregnancy test in your hands. He was confused caused it seemed as if u were preggers and mike was happy but you were so upset last he saw u...
He just left and decided to wait for when he actually got to see u.

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