One Month later

Izeiah's pov

I heard from the talkative maids at our house that Kuya Alexis' woman are coming over for dinner tonight.

"Okay, class we're done" Ms. Cha announced making me jumped in joy as I was finally released from the prison.

I went outside and walked straight to my Butler.

"Butler Hansel , can we go to Dunkin' Donuts?" I plead

"Sure, young miss" Butler Hansel said and command the driver to start the engine and drive along.


The Dunkin' Donuts have always make me happy not as much as chocolate though. It was at that moment I remembered something.

"Butler what time does my Brother's woman is coming over?"

Men, saying brother's woman is so wrong it's like he have a mistress and he's cheating, I should stop saying that.

"Hindi pa po ako naka sagap ng chismis" Butler Hansel answered

"I only know she's coming over at our house for dinner"

I uttered and devoured my donuts.


We reached the house and I got out of the car. When I opened the door I saw unfamiliar faces. I saw one girl with her family.

They turned around and looked at me.

Kuya Alexis were there and Mom and Dad, Kuya Elexis was reading around the corner. Kuya Aiden and Ate Xhia haven't visited the house because they went to Rome for their honeymoon.

I went there to join them after changing my clothes and had my afternoon snack. I climbed the sofa to sit beside Kuya Alexis but I can't because of the cookie that I'm holding.

"Need a help?" Kuya Alexis asked, smirking

"No, thank you, I'm tall for my age" I said

"Okay. Sabi mo eh" Kuya Alexis said while grinning

I really tried so hard but I think the sofa is just tall.

He carried me and put me beside him.

"Thank You" I said

"So, what did you learn in school?" Mom asked. I still can't forget about what Kuya Alexis did to me last Saturday. He didn't bought me the big teddy bear, at least he got scolded by Mom but that wasn't enough.

"I asked Mrs. Cha a really interesting question. And she answered that humans evolved from monkeys to modern humans" I said

"Ano ang tinanong mo?"

"Why does one of my twin brothers, the older one, look like a chimpanzee? Now I know" I said grinning

The lady who's sitting across me chuckled.

"Izeiah, say sorry to your brother" Mom said

I stood up and said my sorry,

"I'm really sorry you were born as a monkey" I said.

"Ize---" My Mom said because it was my time to shine. I walked to the girl and asked her

"Are you Alexis' girlfriend?" I ask

The girl blushed. Is that suppose to be a yes?

"You have to put up with my brother's annoying attitude, I'm saying sorry in behalf of him." I said and grabbed her hand and kissed it like a gentleman should.

"By the way, Alexis taught me that" I said and went upstairs

It's already evening so it's the perfect time to sneak out and escape to save them.

I can't stay here until other clans stop hunting me and attacking my family who kept protecting me from all the chaos my unique eyes have caused.

I pack all of the things I need and wrote a really emotional  letter.

I jumped over my window and quickly hopped in the car and saw that my butler is waiting there. I begged my butler Hansel to let me go and not say anything and even promised that I'm going to comeback once I finish the chase.

We travel about 20km from our house.

I looked behind me and saw nothing but a lonely road but when I look infront a big truck welcomed us in a brutal way.

...then everything turn black.

Narrator's Pov

Inutusan ni Olivia si Elexis para tawagin si Izeiah na kakain na. Pumunta si Elexis sa taas at may narinig na parang bumagsak, binalewala niya ito at dumiretso ito sa kwarto ni Izeiah.

His heart was beating fast for some reason. His hands were shaking, he tried to stop it but even his skin is getting paler.

"Elexis, sabi ni Mama, tawagin mo na daw si Izeiah bakit nakatayo kalang nanginginig." Sabi ni Alexis na ngayon na sa tabi na ni Elexis.

Binuksan ni Elexis ang pintuan at nadama niya agad ang malamig na hangin. Binuksan ni Alexis ang ilaw at wala silang nakitang Izeiah na nagpapanggap na natutulog o kumakain ng tsokolate.

Nakita nila ang isang maliit na papel. Simple words but filled with dark meanings.. she knew. She knew what kind of chaos her eyes alone is causing but no one speak. No one blamed her.

They want me to meet Death but I am him.

They want to send me to hell but I live there.

They want bloodshed

And so, I'll grant them.

The only thing that can put the demon to a deep slumber was sitting here with the note....the necklace that keeps the demon within her asleep from the day she was born.

Now, the world is in great danger.

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