Beggining {2}

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Narrator's Pov

They arrived at the Kenshi's House. They can see Olivia and her husband, Alex waiting outside their house.

Ivan was nice enough to let Izeiah sleep in his lap while they drive to her house for dinner.

Ivan is wide awake, reading a book.

"Ivan, do you mind waking up Izeiah?'

"She will resume crying if I wake her up." He answered.

"Okay. Diyan ka lang at tatawagin ko si Tita Olivia, okay?"


"Your such a nice kid Ivan."

Pumunta na si Irene kay Olivoa para kausapin siya.

"Congrats, Olivia!" Bungad na sabi ni Irene kay Olivia.

"Thank you. Natutulog ba si Izeiah?"

"Oo, nakatulog sa kandungan ni Ivan. Nakakakilig nga sila eh. Tingnan mo ang mga litratong nakuha ko." Ipinakita ni Irene ang mga pictures na ipinakuha niya kay John, kay Irene.

"Ohhh, young love."

"Irene mamaya ka na magchismis." Sita ni John sa kanyang asawa.

"Sige na nga. Nasa loob ng kotse si Izeiah. Tara." Pumunta si Olivia at Irene sa kotse para kunin ang mga bata.

"Ivan, akin na si Izeiah." Sabi ni Irene.

He lift up Izeiah's head lowly and stood up. Izeiah instictively hug the one who lifted up her head.

"Mom, she's holding my hand tightly. I can't let go, like seriously, there's no blood in my hand anymore." He said.

"Kaya mo bang buhatin siya palabas ng kotse, anak?"

"I can." Ivan answered. His strength is almost as strong as kids that are twice of his age. He acts like he's already a teenager.

"Ivan, you strength is no joke." Olivia praised him when she saw Ivan easily carried Izeiah outside the car.

"Come on Izeiah, let's get you to bed so Ivan can rest." Kinuha ni Olivia si Izeiah kay Ivan.

"Salamat Ivan." Pumunta na si Olivia na karga si Izeiah sa loob.

Ngayon, dalawa nalang ang mag ina na si Irene at Ivan.

"Ivan, do you have a crush on Izeiah?" Irene tease

"I don't." Ivan avoided his Mom's eyes. But Irene knew better. She have witnessed her baby grow.

"Ivan, listen... Izeiah will get engage to someone who's worthy enough to have her. Her parents are checking all the backgrounds of the sons of their business partners"

"Mom, you don't need to tell me this. I don't like her. I was just nice because..... she belongs to the Kenshi Clan."

"Remember Ivan, I'm your Mom. You've got 13 years until the time is up."

Next Day

Izeiah's Pov

I'm eating some 'healthy' foods right now. I don't even know how this big pile of meat is healthy. All I know is candies and chocolates are even healthier than this.

The wedding is finished so we came where the big cake is but to my disappointment we're not going to eat any sweets until the newly wed dance.

I went outside and sat on the bench.

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