Her Pov

"1,2,3" the cameraman yelled

(A/N: Just pretend that, that girl is 5 years old)

Oops! Ang larawang ito ay hindi sumusunod sa aming mga alituntunin. Upang magpatuloy sa paglalathala, subukan itong alisin o mag-upload ng bago.

(A/N: Just pretend that, that girl is 5 years old)

I'm doing my photoshoot for my Brother's Wedding and everything is great except the camera kept flashing and becoming more annoying as the time pass by and the time is way too slow and it's becoming a trouble and there's no reward after this and everything is such drag.

I want to cry.

"Are we done?" I asked in my forced excited tone.

"No, 10 more shoots and were done" He answered and even wipe an imaginary sweat in his forehead.

"I'll buy you anything you want in exchange for your patience"

"Last time you said that I received nothing but empty hands. Trusting you won't make any difference either, I'll just ask your fiance to buy me something." I uttered.

"Well, aren't we having fun here?"

"Sinasabi nanaman niya na bibilhan niya ako ng kahit ano tapos hindi nanaman niya tutuparin " sumbong ko.

"Kuya Aiden, if you make her cry... again... Mom will definitely kill you this time and Dad won't be able to stop her." Kuya Alexis said.

"Si Elexis? Saan nagpunta iyon?"

"Nasa bahay. Heart Broken ata, wala ng ginawa kundi magbasa ng pocket book ni Mama. The girl he likes suddenly vanished. Poor Elexis, his first love went to waste." Kuya Alexis explained and sobbed.

There was a sudden knock.

"Did we expect any visitors today?" I asked.

"Hindi ko nga alam. Wala namang sinasabi ang secretary ni Papa sa atin."

One of the staffs opened the door. Then there were 3 people that came in: 2 adult and 1 kid who's around my age.

"Huh?" Mahinang sabi ni Kuya Alexis.

"Ah, oo nga pala. Nakalimutan kong sabihin na bibisita ang pamilyang Shikaiken para i-congratulate ka, Aiden. Sinabi ito ng Dad mo saakin pero nakalimutan ko" Sabi ng camera man.

"Let's wrap this up." Maikling sabi ni Kuya Aiden sa Camera Man, tumango naman ito. Kinausap ni Kuya Aiden at Kuya Alexis ang mga Shikaiken.

"Izeiah, call Dad and tell them the Shikaiken Family is going to dine with us for dinner."

"What?!!! It's already night time?!!! How did this happen? It was only 9 am awhile ago?!!" I reacted.

"Time flies that fast, Miss." The kid said who's reading a book and did not even bother to look up.

"Ivan, don't be rude." Sabi ng Mama niya.

"Okay lang po, Tita Irene. I really apologize for making you wait. We should go to our house to make up with you."

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