M.A.I.D.S. Episode 6 – Blue For You 

The rain had all but subsided by the time Pandora entered Adam’s house, though evidence of its fury was everywhere she looked as she dismounted her monocycle.  Gently lifting the unfinished Synthia in her strong arms, she went directly to the bedroom and stepped, fully armored, into the shower.

I need to get her body temperature back up, Pandora thought.  She turned the shower on warm, gradually increasing the temperature over the next several minutes.  In the meantime she accessed her vast medical knowledge

I know everything, I just don’t know I know it.  How exciting!

Pandora glanced at the time display on the wall.  “0113 on May 11, 2175,” the display read calmly.  Pandora turned off the shower and started the air-dry cycle, then placed the fully-dry Synthia on Adam’s bed.  She adjusted the room’s temperature controls to be somewhat warmer and kept the lights dim; Pandora could see just fine in low-light conditions.

Pandora doffed her armor, wiping it down with a cloth before stowing it in the compartment below Adam’s bed.  She placed her assault rifle in last after giving it a thorough cleaning.

How do I know where Adam keeps everything?  How do I know how to maintain firearms?  I know I have every available skillset, but there’s so much I don’t know that I know.  And skillsets don’t explain how I found my armor and rifle, how I found Adam’s tools, or how I knew there would be a monocycle waiting for me in Adam’s garage.  It’s like I don’t really know myself.

And yet I do.  I am omnipotent.

I am Pandora.

Her equipment cleaned and stowed, Pandora took a shower, dressed in a flowing pink house-shirt, then selected a neutral gray one for the unfinished Synthia.  Pandora took great care in dressing the Synthia she rescued from Wyoming Biomechanic Manufactory #2, not wishing to wake her.  The Synthia stirred somewhat, but did not wake.

What do I do with you?

Pandora went to Adam’s study and looked around.  The room was cozy but not cramped, and it made Pandora feel welcome.  The air was perfumed with leather and books.  Most importantly, a soft couch was set against the far wall, as if waiting.  Nodding her head, Pandora went to her unconscious charge and moved her to the couch.  A quick scan of her hitherto-unknown memories guided her to a storage closet where she found an old-fashioned, coarse military blanket.  Taking the blanket, Pandora gently covered the Synthia, then dimmed the lights and left the room.  At the door she paused.

“What’s your name?” Pandora softly asked the sleeping form.

Adam will have to return to FIST 8 Headquarters before he comes here.  He’ll have to debrief his team, see to Coleman’s wounds, and also brief Monroe and the others about the night’s happenings.  There are, of course, the prisoners to take care of, but I am positive he will leave them to local law enforcement for the time being.

Why would a cell of Indian terrorists be in Wyoming?  There are dozens of higher-priority targets in the North American Union.

They want Adam.  They’re retaliating because of his last mission to India.

The thought that a cell of terrorists were targeting her owner chilled Pandora to her synthetic bones.  Adam was too important to humanity to be killed by terrorists.  He was the first human born from a Synthia, and his existence was living proof that humanity would not become extinct.  Humanity found a way to stave off Death.

Adam is hope.  He’s the reason World War III ended, and his continued existence keeps the Global Government mostly stable.

It was not without pride that Pandora thought about Adam.  She felt warm inside when she thought of him, which brought with it more questions.

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