Chapter Forty Four

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Charlie was the first to wake up the first morning they were back at the sanctuary after the crazy trip back and forth. He lifted his head from his pillow, his hair sticking to his forehead and the side of his face as he peered down at Anora. The woman was dead asleep, her head resting on his arm that was completely numb as his circulation was cut off during their sleep.

Iggy was curled up, his back pressed into Charlie's as the cat purred. Charlie lifted his free arm and touched the side of Anora's face. She stirred but remained asleep nudging into him.

"Anora," he called to her lightly, " we need to get up for the day."

"We need to sleep for the day." she said.

He smiled. " No, no. Come on, let's get up."

"You get up." she countered but suddenly she snorted to herself.

"I'm not going to ask why you're laughing because knowing you it's dirty and...oh..I just got it."

Anora rolled off his arm and grinned at him. "Sorry couldn't help it."

"No, I should have expected it. It is you after all."

Anora yawned before rubbing her face and then glancing up at the window. "Looks like we'll be getting some rain today."

"Really?" He peered out the window. "Damn, I'm sorry. I know you wanted to try some flight practices with Roscoe."

"Who says we can't?" Anora questioned him as she got out of the bed.

"Anora, no. You can't even think about flying today."

"Why not? It's perfect time."

"Not when it's raining!"

"You guys had quidditch practice all the time when it was raining."

"That is so not the same, Anora. I was on a broom, not a dragon."

"I don't think Roscoe will let anything bad happen to me."

"I'm sure intentionally he wouldn't. But he's still knew to having a rider, you know how excited he gets."

"Yes, he's very enthusiastic. We'll be fine."

"I really don't want you..." he sighed looking at her as she walked over to the dresser to collect some clothing. She was as stubborn as she was reckless and she wasn't listening to him as he tried to reason with her not to even bother trying to get some flight practice in with Roscoe.

She left to the bathroom to shower and get ready for the day, as Charlie fell back into his pillow. Iggy climbed onto his chest and settled himself down.

"Your owner is extremely stubborn, you know that?"

Iggy curled his tail over his nose.

"Never thinks of the consequences, only lives in the moment."

Anora looked around the sanctuary for Roscoe and found the dragon by a pool of water lapping it up. She let out a small whistle getting the dragon's attention. Similar to a dog's reaction, Roscoe lifted his head, and seemed rather happy to see her. He walked over to and sat himself down, waiting for further instruction or a greeting.

"How are you doing today?" Anora asked him holding her hand up. The dragon lowered his head so that her hand was resting between his eyes. She noticed a scratch on his neck.

"What were you up to?" she said. "Still trying to get Mae's attention? I'm telling you Roscoe, she's not interested. You're going to wind up with a pretty nasty burn if you don't leave her alone."

Anora noticed since Nan's death that Roscoe was trying his best to find another dragon in the sanctuary to remain in the company of. He had tried with the other elders but they weren't fond of a young dragon trying to hang around them. They wanted to be left alone.

The majority of the younger dragons were females and that meant they were far more aggressive and when it wasn't mating season they wanted nothing to do with a male dragon. Roscoe seemed to be rather lonely.

Anora sat herself in front of the dragon. "I know you miss Nan." she said. "I miss her too. But you need to be careful, I don't need you getting hurt."

The dragon let out a huff of smoke after lowering his head to the ground.

"Fine, go ahead, try to befriend the others and see what happens."

Charlie arrived during a feeding with Greg, pouring out the buckets of bloody meat onto the ground. The flaps of wings could be heard as dragons poured into the clearing.

"I'm telling you Greg, she's going to get hurt but I don't know how to get through that to her." Charlie told him.

"I think she's more than aware of the dangers, Charlie. But I don't think she really cares. I mean, one doesn't hold a lot of fear if they choose a career with dragons."

"Well right but beforehand, no one was actually riding the dragons...this is new stuff. I think she's just going a little too fast with it all."

"Maybe she needs to learn the hard way."

"I don't want her to learn the hard way. The hard way means that she gets hurt."

"I don't know what to tell you, my boy. Except the fact that Anora is a smart young woman and I don't think she would put herself into a dangerous situation. Have some faith."

"I do...I just...I ..."

"You love the woman, that's why it bothers you so much." Greg smiled. 

Charlie was in the kitchen of the home when Anora returned soaking wet as the rain poured outside. She slipped her boots off and removed her cloak, setting it on the back of a chair to dry.

"How was your flight practice today?" he asked her.

She walked over in his direction but at the last minute walked over to the pantry for some food.

"We didn't have flight practice today."

"Y-you didn't?"


"Why not?"

"Because I didn't want to worry someone."

"Aww Anora I-"

"Iggy would just be beside himself if I got hurt, isn't that right Iggy?" she said collecting the cat from the back of the sofa.

Charlie made a face but saw her smile in his direction.

"You're teasing me, aren't you?"

"Maybe." she winked. "I'm pretty good at it."

"Too good."

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