Chapter 2

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The home from the outside looked pretty big. Apparently ______ used to live with her father but he hasn't been home in months. A small garden with bright flowers were in the front leading to a large backyard. To Suga's surprise there was no dug up dirt, no yellow grass, not even pulled out plants.

Following ______'s lead, he was taken into her spacious home. Everything was modern and nothing but cans of soft drinks were misplaced.

Regardless of who had granted him permission to stay the night, an idol had to be thankful for it. "Thanks for letting me stay over."

"Don't worry about it. No one's home, anyways. No big deal."

Hanging up their excess clothing, ______ began walking towards the kitchen. There was a faint smell of new paint. Looking to the side, Suga saw a few buckets of green paint on the floor. A few places on the blue walls were coated with the thick, crisp green liquid. It was a little revolting to smell, but it was doable.

______ went into the fridge and handed him a cola. "So you're a student at the school too? Suga... right?" She chuckled at bit seeing how the idol's name didn't suit him. "You're successful, so there's no reason for you to be back in school. What classes are you taking anyways?"

"Music Theory", Suga breathed as he cracked open the can. "That's it. I'm not that good of a dancer to take Rhythmology." He took a sip and chuckled a bit to himself; the caffeine increasing his bpm. "If you saw my dancing, you'd laugh."

______ motioned for Suga to follow her to give a tour of the house. There were large trophies scattered all over the house. Each of them seemed well cared for and polished. "I've always thought that music is more of an emotional thing while the theory stuff is more thinking. I guess the two are quite opposite, huh?" She opened a door to the master bathroom. "Feel free to use the shower or whatever." Opening another door, ______ presented her bedroom. "I'll lend you some clothes, and the bed."

Plopping on her bed she stretched before taking off her red scarf and vest. Suga leaned on the door, looking at her with a bit of annoyance. ______ was just throwing her clothes on the floor. It was expected from a child, but what was about to happen next was not.

"It's gonna be a little uncomfortable with us in the same bed, but it's better than sleeping on the floor."

______ began taking off her blue t-shirt; exposing her body under a thin spaghetti-strapped undershirt. It made Suga take two steps back in shock.

"WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA!!!" He marched in trying to stop her from taking off the part of the blue shirt that was still on her wrist. "Don't just start taking off your clothes!"

"But it'll be uncomfortable with all this stuff on." ______'s cheeks turned pink. "And I wasn't gonna take off all my clothes. It's just an undershirt. I'm not naked or anything... "

Suga stammered, picking up the loose articles of her clothes. "It's not that, idiot. It's just it's strange since I hardly know you." Yeah, that sounded like a good excuse.

"Did you really think -", ______ leaned just an inch away from his face from the bed, a smirk playing in her lips. "- that I'd let you stay here to do nothing at all?"

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