When you think of the word date you think of, a nice dinner or the movies. But this was different, he texted me saying we were going out for pizza. I put on skinny jeans on and had zebra tights under the shiny jeans. I'm wearing a black long sleeve. I put my hair in a high pony and wore my black glasses. He knocked on the door and I answered it. He stood there wearing a sweater, pants and sneakers. "Hey ready to go?" Barry asked flatly. "Sure" I said. We arrived at the pizza place at 7:10. We got a table, "so what kind of soda do you want?" the waiter asked. "Rootbeer" we both said. I looked at him he looked at me. "I will get you guys that" the waiter said. I looked at my menu. "So what pizza do you want?" Barry asked me. "Umm... probably hot chicken pizza" I said. "I want jalapeno" he said. "So.... what do we talk about?" I ask. "Um.... how did you and Oliver meet?" Barry asked. "Well I was walking on a bridge and I heard a man groaning. So I look over the bridge and see the arrow. So I jump off the bridge and broke my hand. I ignored the pain and walked to him. I saw a bullet hole in his leg arm and shoulder. Then I hear a train" I said. "So I grab him and pull him off the tracks just in time, because a few seconds later the train passes. Then I bring him to my apartment. Of course I take his mask off. Then two nights later when I was cleaning his shoulder, he started choking me" I said. "Yeah he choked me when he woke up" Barry said. "Anyway, he asked who I was and I told him. Then he asked me how he could trust me. I told him I saw who he was and didn't tell anyone. Then someone kicked the door down and slapped me out of the way. Then he tried to shot Oliver but I jumped in front of it. I got up and punched the shooter. Then I grab Oliver and I speed away" I said finishing. "Wow" Barry said. "How did you find out about Harrison?" I asked. "Well I knew but..." he trailed off. "What?!" I said. "I wanna show you something" he said. We ran to S.T.A.R labs and he stopped in the hall. "I'm waiting" I said. Then he touched the wall and the wall opened. I jumped then he walked threw and I followed. Then the light turned on. Then he walked so he was in the middle of the room. "Gideon" he said. "Yes Barry" I heard a voice say. Then  a hologram came up. "Wow. This awesome. What is it?" I asked. "I'm Gideon Artificial Intelligence, hello Skye" she said. "She knows my name?" I asked. "Yes Skye Star Snow, also known as The Dash. You and Barry are partners, you are the head of S.T.A.R labs" she said. "Wait we both are the boss why?" I asked. "Gideon? Show me 2024" Barry said. I looked at the newspaper in front of me. It said "April 25, 2024: The flash and the dash stop dark warrior by Iris West" I said it out loud. "Who is dark warrior?" I ask. Barry shrugs. "Wait Iris's name changed what happened?" Barry asked. "When you erased Harrison you changed the furture" Gideon said. "So why are we the bosses of S.T.A.R labs?" I ask again. "You guys are..." then my phone rings and I hold my finger up to Gideon and she stops talking. "Skye" I said. "Help Telekinesia is at the bank!" Thea yelled in the phone. "On my way" I said. I hanged up. "We have to go" I said.

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