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My dad had a nose like a bloodhound, except he sniffed lies instead of blood. He must've been monitoring my movements for weeks, that's the only way he would've know that I was on the tailgate of Mr. Adams Red Chevy truck.I'd lied to him earlier that day, had been lying to him for months about sleepovers,projects and extra credit. I could see how he would've raised an eyebrow at extra credit, I always did my homework, in fact I was the one to turn it in early.

With high-school over, and Graduation well over, I'd had to cover my tracks with a few more lies. 'Oh I'm going to study with some friends, I need to prep for this college class.' That worked well enough, Dad was never one for school work, but he wanted me to do well, he pushed me so hard, he was the reason me and Josh started this taboo relationship.Or at least that's what I told myself to make me feel better about snuggling under the covers with Mr. A But then I started to slip, I would fall asleep at Josh's house on accident and get a phone call demanding to come home.

I knew my dad, he was scared for me, as his only girl and only child he had to take the place of mom when she died just after my thirteenth birthday. It was hard for him too, he coulodn't understand the need to choose winged pads over pantiliners, ultra thin over maxipads, or what sized bra to wear. It was things he didn't care about, and yet he made himself care about for me, his little Ariel.

And that's why I felt so bad when his old green van halted to a stop right next to the Red Chevy. Josh took his hand from under my white t-shirt, "Shit."

"God." I groaned, I could see Daddy turning off the ignition and preparing to hop out the car to kill, I could already hear him cursing. I pushed at Josh to hide, it was dark well past one in the morning and we were near enough bushes and the trees in that vacant lot for him to hide.

If I hadn't been so busy running my lips over his five o'clock shadow and kissing his nut-brown face I would've noticed Daddy driving up the street, still that wouldn't have helped any. I was dead now, the least I could do was save Josh from a beating. "Josh, go hide." I hissed.

He shook his head no, ran over his crew cut and held my hand, "I can handle it."

But I didn't want him to handle it, I wanted him to run like hell and pretend he was some hormonal eighteen year old and not my twenty-six year old History teacher. I pushed at his chest, but he wouldn't budge.

"Gotdamnit!" Daddy slammed his door and stomped over, his expression murderious even in the night. His light skin glowed in the moonlight,his once slow movements became fast paced and soon he was there, right there.

I slid off the tailgate and Josh followed my lead, I stood in front of him, protecting him I guess. I knew it was wrong, but I just didn't want anyone to fight, I wanted my Dad to leave him alone.

"Daddy, don't."

He jabbed a chubby finger in the direction of Josh, "You gonna die." Daddy moved closer and I pressed my back against Josh's chest, "Daddy no, no daddy please."

"You bastard! Can't find someone your own gotdamn age so you pick a child." Then he stopped and dropped his finger, something dawning on him.

"Aren't you her teacher?!" He recognized him from the Seniors Luncheon, I didn't think it would take him long to figure it out.I couldn't speak, couldn't do anything but stand there and swallow, but Josh spoke behind me, "Former teacher. She's legal, we're not hurting anyone."

That set my Dad off, I found myself pushed aside struggling to keep my balance as my Dad wrestled Mr. A to ground. I attempted to stop it, God knows I did but Daddy just kept pushing me and I kept falling on my butt screaming for him to stop. Josh didn't fight back, he took it with resignation, because he and I both knew that he was wrong, that I was wrong too, but he was even wronger.

So my Dad left him bleeding on the ground, struggling to get up, I scrambled up to run to his side and see if he was alright,but Daddy grabbed me roughly by the arm and jerked me back. He shoved me into the passengers seat of the car, got in and set the child lock on. I looked out the window at Josh, finally getting up, one knee pressed into the earth and his eyes watching me mournfully.

I didn't mean to hurt anybody.

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