I love you

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Crush: Shikamaru
Virgin: yes
Name: Haya
Personality: Stubborn, shy, relaxed around friends,
Best friends: Lee and Sakura
"So, who do you like?" I ask a blushing Sakura, "you already told us it wasn't Sasuke, who is it" She squealed and covered her face
"...ino..." She mumbled making Lee and my eyes widen,
"Sakura you're... Gay?... Oh how youthful!!! You must tell her!!"
"Shuddap Lee!! Now it's your turn Haya, who do you like?" Sakura yelled.
"Shikamaru.." I confess blushing as they stare at me, smiling,
"Oh my god how cute, you guys should totally go for it!" Sakura smiled brightly at me and Lee gave me a thumbs up.
I smiled back and blushed some more when a knock on my door was heard. Sakura giggled as I walked to open the door. I looked through the peep hole and saw Shikamaru. My eyes widen as I look at Sakura and Lee,
"Why the hell is he here?" I whisper yell and Sakura raises her hand,
"I texted him and told him to come over," she giggled and stood, "Lee, I think it's time for us to leave," Lee nodded. As I opened the door and greeted Shikamaru shyly, they left through the back with me mentally cursing at them for leaving me..
"Uhh, come on in..." I look down and step to the side so he can come in, which he does. I play with my hands nervously
"Um.. Would you, like something to drink?" I mumble and he shakes his head,
"So why did sakura text me to come here?" He asked looking around
"Well.." I started, taking a deep breath, "I'm, uh.. I have something to tell.. You.." This is it Haya, this is when you tell him.
"She told me to get over here at all costs and to, uh tell you that I.." Shikamaru started sighing, "this is so troublesome, that's why I ignored it, but Haya.. I think I have a crush on you" he ran his hand over his face as I blushed, I was supposed to say that.
"Idiot." I mumbled
"What the heck did I do?" He questions with a raised brow
I walk towards him and wrapped my arms around him in a hug, whispering in his ear "I think I like you too.."
He sighs and puts his hands on my waist as I looked up at him. He looked at me and closed his eyes, leaning in. My heart fluttered as I closed my eyes and felt his lips connect with mine perfectly, a light, gentle kiss. It was perfect. But I want more. I closed whatever space was left between us and he kissed more rough, guess he got the idea. He ran his hands along my sides before going down and grasping my butt. I moaned into the kiss, running my fingers through his hair after undoing the ponytail.
"Shikamaru.. What are you doing?" I breathed pulling away slightly with half lidded eyes. Shikamaru leaned down and kissed my neck before moving up to my ear,
"Claiming what's mine." He bit my ear slightly. I let out a little moan.
"I'm n-not a piece of property" I whispered as he continued to nibble on my ear "Your right, Haya. So I will ask." He says pulling away and looking into my eyes, "Haya, may I please make love to you?" My blush deepens as he says this
"Shikamaru... I- I'm a virgin..."
"It's okay, Haya I will be careful, and I promise it will be pleasure filled" he waits patiently
I Blush darker and nod. Shikamaru smiled and layed me down on the couch, climbing over me. He leaned in and kissed me softly, cupping my breast as I moan. He takes off my shirt and bra, leaning down and starts to suck on my nipple. I cry out in pleasure as I arch my back. He swirls his tongue around the nub. I can feel myself dripping from all this pleasure. His hand trails down and takes off my skirt and panties, "Shikamaru ~" I moan as his finger rubs my clit, making me squirm. He puts a finger in and pumps it. I moan and grip onto his hair as he inserts two more, be pumps them for a while, "oh, fuck Shikamaru... I want you.. Please~" I beg as he takes his fingers out, pulling away and licking them, he then positions himself. I look at him with loving determination. As soon as I nod he thrusts it in. I grip onto him and bite my lip, holding in a scream, "c-continue" I groan in pain. He starts
Slowly moving, the pain starts to fade. Slowly being replaced with pleasure and desire, "mm, Shikamaru!" I moan loud, making Shikamaru pick up his slow pace to a fast one, hands gripping my thighs as he groans, "haya~" he goes harder, as I moaned louder. He hits a certain spot making it feel amazing and I scream out as I feel a tingly sensation in my stomach, "Shikamaru ~ I'm gunna-" I got cut off by an outstanding orgasm, "ah! Haya!" He groaned as he came as well, panting as he pulled out and collapsed beside me, "I love you, haya.." He muttered leaning In to kiss me, "I love you too" I mumbled against his lips.
Sorry it's been awhile, I know, its horrible, but here you go.. I'm going to try to update more, just haven't had the motivation.. Love all you painions :*

♥~pain, out~♥

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