Chapter 1

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emily pov

i sat in my boring room, wiht my boring homework, listening to boring music.

god this sucks. i don't think i have ever been this bored! who gives homework on the effing 5th day of school? it is only september 13 and i already feel like my brain is throwing up. 2015 was supposed to be my year of change! doesn't feel that way.

"emily!" i heard a shout and a pillow hit me.

i grunted and took my ear buds out of my ear, "what do you want doofus?" i said to caleb.

he rolled his eyes, "mom wants you."

i groaned and got to my feet and trudged down the stairs.

"emily catherine fields! do i look like a maid to you?" Pam said, her hand pointing to where i was about 2 hours ago, eating chips that may or may not have fell on the floor, along with the possible spilled soda.

i shrugged, "yes?" i said to my mother.

bad choice emily.

"don't be smart." she said with a pointed look.

"okay. i'll tell my teachers when they ask why i am failing." i said and heard caleb chuckle.

"no help emily! i get no help from you in this house!"

"hey not true. i took dumbass over here to his stupid football practice last saturday because his car broke down." i pointed out and mom sighed, "i just can't win."

she cleaned up my mess and i smirked in victory and caleb secretly held his hand out and i high fived my brother before going to the garage.

"i'm gonna be playing basketball." i said and grabbed my ball.

screw homework.

who needs it?

i opened my front and jumped when i saw a beautiful girl with the most perfect blue eyes.

she smiled, "hi."

"ALI!" caleb jumped up and ran to the door.

he hugged the girl who i am guessing is named ali.

"hey there. excited much?" ali said and caleb smiled and kissed her.

oh. caleb's girlfriend.

"here come in babe." he said and held the door open more for her.

"everyone this is my girlfriend, alison dilaurentis. alison this is my mom, pam, my dad wayne and my sister, emily."

she smiled and shook their hands, "it's so nice to finally meet caleb's family. i've been wanting to see you for a while now." alison said and smiled.

"how long have you too been together?" i asked, curiously.

"2 weeks." caleb said to me.

i nodded and observed alison.

caleb talks non stop about his girlfriend.

he is happy about this relationship.

his other ones were sucky.

all the girls either wanted our family's money, cheated on him or just treated him wrong.

i get a different vibe from this girl.

she seems different. and i really hope i am right. if she is like the others then there will be a problem.

i watched her talking with my mother and when my mom walked away and caleb went to get food from the kitchen i rolled my eyes, "you don't have to act like you are interested in their conversations you know." i said.

"what if i actually am?" she said and i looked up at her finally and raised my eyebrow.

"then you should probably seek therapy."

she giggled and held her hand out, "i have heard all about you emily fields. you are one of the most popular people in school."

"correction. was." i said and shook her hand.

"why was?" she questioned me.

i sighed, knowing she is only talking to me to make a good impression so i approve of her for caleb.

"if you haven't heard i went to a reform school in maine? i came back like 2 months ago in july." i said, expecting her to know.

she shook her head, "sorry. i just moved to rosewood. i just heard things that you ruled the school."

i scoffed, "yeah right. hate that damned place. and i hate people that only talk to their boyfriend's sister to get the sister to like the girlfriend and report back to the boyfriend of how amazing his girlfriend is." i said and stood up, walking away, not even letting her try to get me to stop.

i've been down this road before. i don't want her to beg for attention. it's annoying.

let's just see how this one turns out.


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