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CHAPTER 8: Stealing The Perfect part 1

July, 2, Tuesday, 2013 9:34 am

I put my dishes away then Helen and Marco did and left to go do there boring teenager stuff. I looked at mom, I was wearing cotton purple and blue plaid shorts with a spaghetti srap matching purple shirt. My pajamas.

" we're meeting Lilith at the Equestrian Center at 10:20, be ready by 10 Katrina. It's a big day!" Mom gave me a hopeful smile.

I smiled back and nodded, I knew deep in my heart I wasn't going to find the right horse, at least not today.

" mom.. Do you think I'll find the perfect horse today?" I asked quietly.

" to be honest honey I don't think you will, but you could. And if you do find the perfect horse today we can get him or her. If you like one but aren't sure.. We'll cancel tomorrow's trip at the different place and ride the horse again. Or we'll go the day after tomorrow. " mom was so thorough wit everything.

I nodded and walked out of the kitchen and up stairs to my room. I felt so cozy here. It was a nice warm day, not to hot, and definitely not to cold.

I took out a pair of white breeches, and a Ice blue and white Pollo shirt, I changed and pulled on some neon pink high socks. I looked in my mirror and debating how to wear my hair. I ended up making a fishtail side braid and putting some clear gloss tinted with red on my lips brushing my teeth and that was good enough. I smoothed out my outfit.

" KATRINA!" Mom shouted, I was late! Wait, I looked at the clock 9:57 perfect timing. I put on some old black half chap boots and put on my light blue chaps that matched my shirt. Lilith was bringing my helmet and a possible crop.

I went down stairs it was 20 today, low of 18 and high of 21. Nice temperature. I walked outside and got into the silver F150 and Mom and Dad were already in the car. I had my phone with me and uploaded a Facebook stat:

Katrina Mace 10:01

Off to meet Lilith at Windy Gate's Equestrian Center, Who Know's the perfect horse might be mine today! :) - feeling great


We pulled into a long gravel drive way, black picket fences had millions of horses grazing in each one. Even though this was a equestrian center it's also famous for breeding. I was hoping to find the perfect horse today.

I saw a flashy yellow sports car and instantly knew who it was. I saw Riley and Lucy waiting with Lilith an her mom and father.

I silently groaned, why dose the wicked witch have to be here? We parked and I got out. We walked over to Lilith an she smiled, " here, Katrina" Lilith handed me a helmet and a dark blue crop.

A man came out with a boy about my age, and might I say he was very hot!

" Hello everyone! I'm Jacob Cregam, call me Mr. Cregam and this is my son, Finn. " Mr.Cregam smiled.

( Finn's birthday is May 12, he's 12 right now) Finn had straight blonde hair that formed into a small mo-hawk and he also had blue eyes. He was really cute!

Finn shot me a perfect smile and I grinned. " we'll let's get started. Finn and I have tacked up 2 horses, 1 I know very well and 1 he knows very well. You girls can decide who you want to ride first, then switch and we'll tack up a few others. Make your decisions at the end. " Mr.Cregam explained and smiled.