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"Three hundred revolutions of the world after the Cataclysm, that is how long Earth and its inhabitants will remain in chaos and fear. The Second Dark Age will end with the return of the Beautiful Angel and the dawning of the Fourth Age of Humanity."

- The Collected Prophecies of Tamara Walker, her final prophecy


Three Months LaterRepublic of New Detroit

"I can't stay," Meg said, walking from the darkened interior of her tent out into the bright Spring sunlight. "I wish I could, Randa, but the pain's too raw." The scar on her neck where the Perilaímio once rested still itched even after three months of mystical and medical treatment. Doc and Master Grell agreed the rainbow mark would be with her the rest of her life.

She was oddly good with that.

"I wish I could convince you otherwise," Miranda said, smiling sadly, "but I understand. We all lost a lot here, but none more than you."

Nobody mentioned Tammy by name in front of Meg.

In the months since the crack was sealed and Ast-Murath was sealed away, the area had changed dramatically. After three nights of celebration, a meeting was called between the leaders of the disparate factions to determine the next move. The Olympian and Asgardian groups pledged always to be vigilant in the matter of Ast-Murath and promised to take a more active hand in rebuilding and protecting Earth. The New Lazlo faction signed many treaties of trade and friendship before they left.

That left the Grey Bears, Red Rockers, Hetrans, and Black Needles. All four groups were homeless and spent. As individual units, they were weakened and vulnerable, but together they had a new strength. It was uncertain how the fledgling Republic of New Detroit would shake out, but Meg had a good feeling about it.

"The General says you always have a home here," Miranda continued. "So weird thinking of James as an honest to gods General; Karl would be so proud of him."

"Between him and Master Grell deciding to stay, I'd say the defense is in good hands," Meg said, smiling.

"Agreed," Miranda answered then asked, "you'll come back for the wedding at the solstice right?"

Meg laughed, "You and Johnny getting married? Randa, I wouldn't miss it for anything."

"I'll miss you," Miranda said, suddenly serious and took Meg into a hard hug. "And I don't care how powerful you are, you'll always be the girl bobbing in the icy river, demanding to know where the hell she was."

Meg laughed again and was shocked to feel tears welling in her eyes.

"Where will you go?" Miranda asked, releasing her and wiping tears from her cheeks.

"Eventually to see the dinosaurs, but not yet. It'd be too painful and too soon," Meg answered. Then she added, a little cagily, "But there is something I wanna check out."

"What?" Miranda asked, her curiosity piqued.

"I saw something amazing when I first arrived here, but then I met you guys and things got complicated." Her eyes flicked toward the bright blue sky, "I want to see the moon."

The End

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