there on the way and there not waiting 4 no 1! ch. 22

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hey guys I'm happy to say there is only a few more chapters left but I will go back and edit a little see what I can change I might do a sequel but send a private message on who you would like it to be about. Thanks for reading so here's the next chapter bit early but here it is.




"JENNA, YOU BEST NOT BE SAYING I'M FAT." I shouted again. "I am not fat I'm pregnant to 4 pups, and I'm hormonal and I think my waters just broke." I said in shock as I felt warm water dripping down my leg. "Guys I need you to get me to Sam NOW!!!" I started moaning as the first contraction hit the girls started pulling out stuff from there bags.

"Hey Rosey- Posey?" Charlotte asked.

"Yer?" I gasped,

"Want a cookie?" I looked at her and started laughing

"That would be nice." She nodded and actually passed me 3 cookies I started laughing some more

"I thought you were joking about the cookies, you wanna now something?" She nodded

"I'm having a baby girl and 3 boys." I smiled and then I squirmed as I felt the babies move about

"Good news guys Sam will be here in a few hour we are going to the hospital which is 20 miniuts from here, so lets get going he is going to get the jet so he will probably be here in an hour or 2. Lets just get you to the hospital!" Jenna informed me slowly I nodded and they helped me to stand up we found the van thant took me here and the girls put the bikes in the back while we all got up front and headed to the hospital.



I was woken up by KILLER and dad shouting at me I grunted and turned over.

"Sam the girls found her and her waters broke you need to get on the jet in 2 miniuts you hear me because I'm going now with or without you and I'm bringing KILLER too. She's going to tridents pack hospital and she told the girls whats she having after they gave her cookies. She seriously is in a happy place to tell them what your kids are." I nodded at him as I ran to get changed

"I hope so?" I sighed as we headed out with KILLER and the guys to the plane



"Were is he? He is dead once he gets here I hate him what he did to me, he is going to pay for this!" I screamed it had been hour and a half since we'd been here and my contractions were getting worse and Sam still hadn't showed up after 20 minuits of argueing when we got here I finally got a doctor to see me from Alpha whatever-his-name-is I don't pay attention I'm in to much pain.

"Right, Rosey it's time to push we've waited to long your babies could die if we wait any longer okay?" The doctor said I nodded to him I was in to much pain to speak

"okay when I count to 3 I want you to push okay and only when I say you push okay you got that Rosey?" I nodded again

"Okay you ready....1....2....3...push hard." I pushed until he told me to stop we carried on the same him counting to 3 then me pushing till he said stop for the next 5 miniuts. I heard the first cry but I couldn't stop there.

"Rosey you need to go again right untl the last baby okay no more stoping after every baby okay baby 3's heart rate is dropping  so we need to get them all out. For the next hour I pushed until the last off all my four babies were out.

"Rosie weren't you meant to be having a baby girl?" Asked Jenna I nodded again I know that after the babies were all out the pain was meant to die down but it wasn't.

"Doc am I still meant to feel bad pain worse than when I was giving birth still?" I asked unsure.

"No! Why?" I nodded

"Because I still feel pain." He rushed over to me and checked me out

"Rosey I need you to start pushing for me again just until I tell you to okay like last time?" I nodded confussed I started pushing and not two miniuts later another cry was heard just then Sam ran in he took one look at me and passed out everyone looked at him and started laughing.


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