Beyond Birthday

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You had known L since you where a little girl, you also knew BB, you always felt rather left out because you didn't get to stay with L and BB all the time, you admired L and always tried to make sure he was happy and you where helpful, so when he asked you to meet with him at the park you automatically said "yes"

When you reached the park you quickly spotted L and rushed over to him, he led you to his car but as you sat you noticed something odd about L's eyes, you ignored it though happy to be near him, on the long ride to wherever he was taking you you started to feel sleepy and soon fell asleep on his lap.

When you awoke you where in a strange room you had never seen before, you where laid out on a big bed

You: " what the hell, where am I?" A small chuckle was heard from across the room it seemed to be moving

BB: " your mine now, you always pretended to like L but I know you love me as much as I love you"

You: "B? What are you talking about? Where are we?" There was no response, instead you felt someone hug you from behind and kiss your neck, a shiver went down your spine and you turned to look at BB

BB:"never leave me... I have waited to long for you to like me back" he kissed you gently, however when he pulled away you saw a mad glint in his eye, you became nervous as he turned you away from him again, he moved your shirt and unhooked your bra

BB:"you will be mine forever and L can't touch you" you screamed as BB carved his name into your back, marking you as his own.

Sorry it's so short! And I'm sosososo sorry it took so long to upload fml....

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