My name is Im Jae In. I'm a daugther of a rich businessman. I'm also GOT7 JB's little sister. My parents left me for some stupid bussiness trip.

My brother? Naaah, hes always busy with his tight scheadule. But, he always tried to make some time for me. He often call through skype. But now, he's kinda busy with his Asian tour or something. Luckily, i still have my bestfriend, Seulgi.

Sometimes, she stay at my house for days. But now, i'm in a Winter holiday. Seulgi is having a vacatiom to Hawaii with her family. So now, i'm all alone. Celebrating Christmas ALONE. But, my brother saved me. He asked me to live with them.....


- Im Jae in

-Im Jaebum (JB)

-Mark Tuan

-Jackson Wang

-Park Jin Young (Jr)

-Choi Seulgi

-Choi Young Jae

-Kunpimook Bhuwakul (Bambam)

-Kim Yugyeom

My grammar and english in not very good so watch out for errors. There are going to have many typos too.

Thx For Reading^^

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