Chapter 5

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"Kellin, wake up."

I roll over and groan.

"Kellin, wake up." Someone says a little firmer.

All of a sudden I hear my curtains being ripped open and a blinding light is shone on my face. I open my eyes and immediately regret it. The blinding light mixed with my throbbing headache makes me want to curl up in a ball and die.

"What?" I whine.

"You're grounded." Someone that I now realize is my mom says.

"What? Why?" I ask sitting up.

The world spins and my head feels like it's going to split in two.

"Because I had two rules and you disobeyed both of them. I told you not to drink too much and you came home completely wasted. I told you to be home before one and you got home at three. You're lucky that nice, young Mexican boy brought you home safe." Mom lectures.

"Who?" I ask still half asleep.

"Vic, I think his name was. He brought you home and tucked you in. If I wasn't so angry it might have been adorable. You even threw up on the poor boy!" She exclaims and I feel my face go red with embarrassment.

"I threw up on him?" I groan.

"Damn right you did. All over him." She seriously.

I groan again before realizing Mom has an amused look on her face.

"What's so funny?" I ask annoyed.

"Kellin has a crush." She sings and I roll my eyes.

"I do not have a crush." I protest.

"That's not what you said last night when you tried to kiss him." She chuckles.

I put my face in my hands embarrassed. I tried to kiss him! He's probably going to hate me now.

"Kells, the worlds not over. Come on, I want you to mow the lawn." She says.

"What?" I ask confused

"Don't think you're getting away with no punishment. I want you to mow the lawn and you're grounded for two weeks." She says sternly.

"Two weeks." I sigh and she nods before walking out.

I groan for the thousandth time this morning before getting out of bed and getting a change of clothes. I walk into my bathroom and close the door before turning on the shower. I get undressed before stepping into the steamy water. The hot water helps my throbbing headache. I can't believe I tried to kiss Vic. He's going to hate me. He wouldn't want to go out with me anyway. He deserves someone better. Not someone like me.


My hands run over my stomach. I just wish it was flat. All of a sudden a wave of dizziness hits me. I put my hands up against the shower wall to steady myself. I groan hitting my head on the wall. I know that the dizziness isn't from the hangover but from deprivation of nutrients, or at least that's what my doctor told me. In other words, I have to eat something before I pass out. I sigh and turn the shower off. I get out and get dressed into skinny jeans and a baggy long-sleeved shirt. I don't worry about throwing on a baggy hoodie since I have no plans to see anyone today. I blow-dry and tame my hair before leaving the bathroom. I go downstairs to the kitchen and grab an apple out of the fruit bowel. I look at it frowning before taking a bite out of it. Mom walks into the kitchen and looks at me relieved.

"What?" I ask confused.

"I thought you had stopped eating again." He sighs.

"Does it look like I've stopped eating?" I ask irritably.

"I just thought you did because you wouldn't eat breakfast then you wouldn't take lunch to school and you looked like you were getting skinnier." She says her eyes filling up with tears.

I go over and hug her. I hate it when she worries about me.

"Mom, I'm okay. I'm eating, I promise." I lie.

"I know Honey. I just worry." She sighs.

"Well, there's no need. I'm fine." I smile.

I let go of her and she ruffles up my hair before she leaves the kitchen to do something. I finish my apple and throw the core in the bin. My phone then vibrates in my pocket and I pull it out.

From Vic: Hey!

My breath hitches. Does he remember last night?

To Vic: Hey

I wait anxiously for a reply.

From Vic: How r u feeling?

To Vic: My head hurts

From Vic: Awe :(

I blush and my phone vibrates again.

From Vic: A few friends & I are hanging out later. U wanna come?

I sigh knowing that I won't be able to.

To Vic: Can't, grounded. Sorry :(

From Vic: It's ok

I frown and slip my phone back in my pocket before deciding that I should probably start mowing.


I shut the lawnmower off, deciding I need a break. I wipe the sweat from my brow and lean back. A car pulls up in front of the house and I instantly recognize it as Oli's car. He winds down the window before sticking his head out.

"Hey Kells, we're hanging out with a few friends later. You coming?" He asks.

I shake my head.

"I can't. I'm grounded." I explain.

"That sucks dude. I'll see you tomorrow then." He says before driving off.

This day just can't get any worse.

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